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You are visiting www.KomeItoje.com - the no. 1 source of for up-to-date information on how to make money online in Nigeria and Ghana working from home 100% legal and legitimate online businesses.

Now, let us talk about Kome Itoje - the owner and publisher of this website - for a minute.

Oghenekome ltoje, make money online in nigeria and ghana
Oghenekome ltoje is a Nigerian, living and working in Nigeria.

He is a guru in internet marketing and the go-to source in the subject of how to make money online in Nigeria and Ghana. Matter of fact, he is the best home based businesses expert the world has ever known.

Kome Itoje is primarily an accountant by training. He also possesses a postgraduate degree in Computer Science.

Through sheer tenacity and will of purpose, he went further to become the best website designer, web host and publisher in Nigeria and beyond.

Additionally, his personal love experiences and various relationship encounters has taught Kome Itoje a great deal of useful and invaluable lessons on love relationship and even marriage.

In the same vein, Kome Itoje has a vast wealth of knowledge and practical experiences in internet marketing and the home based businesses niche.

As a result of these love and business experiences, how else to give back to society than to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences with others by setting up the very best home based businesses on a wide range of subjects...

  • ...from starting a home based business,
  • ...to career computer training,
  • ...to relationship counselling,
  • ...to the best reseller web host in the whole of Nigeria and even beyond

At present, Kome Itoje has several domain powered home based businesses to his website building profile.

Some of them are as follows: Some other websites to watch out for will address e-book publishing basics and good writing tips and techniques.


Perhaps you already know that KomeItoje.com is a website dedicated to helping all Nigerians and Ghanaians alike learn how to make money online legitimately and legally.

However, you may not know that this website showcases an abundance of resources and tools on how to make money online in Nigeria and Ghana.

All the tools and resources available on this site in the form of videos, audios and books have been presented in a simple and easy manner that even a 12 year old could can grasp.

Others sell ebooks on how to make money online in Nigeria and Ghana, Online jobs and online business in nigeria and Ghana. But we give you a brand new practical and effective system that makes you endless streams of cash in Nigeria, Ghana and even anywhere across the African continent.

Train you on how to make money online in Nigeria no matter your location, give you useful information to enable you make money online, do all technical work for you at not extra cost.

Others sell ebook on how start blogging but we create blogs for you as bunus for joining out platform and also develop ecommerce website for you.


Equipped with all these immense invaluable wealth of knowledge, you will no doubt be helped to start making money online too within the shortest time possible. And it does not matter what your financial status or academic level in life may be. Anyone benefit and make money online with it.

What This Site Is Not

Due to the dark history associated with online activities in Nigeria, many persons have come to associate anything having to do with making money online or online business in Nigeria as illegal or outright scam.

But, let me assure you that you will not find any such scam-related activity here. Additionally, this is also not a referral-based system. Though our methods involve some amount of work on the part of all participants, this is not some complicated online money making course.

Nonetheless, you will not fail to succeed and get results with our straight-to-the-point money making system that works without fail each and every time.

Similarly, we do not promote any of the following programs on this KomeItoje.com

  • HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)
  • Investment.
  • MMM
  • Twinkas
  • iCharity
  • GHW
  • Givers Forum
  • Any Peer to Peer Donation Platform
  • Any Ponzi Scheme
  • wonder bank.
  • Scam or any Fraud
  • Get Rich Quick Scheme
  • Project 1-9-90
  • Cycler program.
  • Or MLM

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