Best Smart Phones for eBusiness

Looking for the best smart phone for e-business?

Need to get a good quality mobile phone as a reliable supplement for your laptop as you work from home? Alright. I think I can help here.

There are a great collection of smart phones for e-business that you can choose from in the mobile phones market. Frankly, I strongly believe any of the QWERTY phones should be a good supplement in this regard.

What About Blackberries?

In the first place, it is noteworthy that there is so much rave at the moment about BB. Personally, I am tempted to get one for myself as a result of the widespread rave in the country for BB pins.

The craze over it dares you to just buy it for the sake of having it. It is as if it is now a status symbol.

What's your BB pin? Do you get it yet?

There is certainly no doubt that BB is a good smart phone(?) - if not, why would there be so much craze over it.

But, take my advice. Do not join the widespread craze everywhere for Blackberries just for the sake of keeping with the Joneses. With respect to having a blackberry phone, I strongly advise that you go with the crowd, IF AND ONLY IF, having a BB meets your e-business needs.

Nokia Phones Good Enough?

What about Nokia phones? I can proudly testify about Nokia phones because I have used that brand of phones since 2003 - that's ten (10) years ago. Since that time, my various grades of Nokia phones have never let me down.

So, I guess I'll stick with my Nokia for now and I recommend that you the same too.

For instance, there was this Nokia phone I bought fairly used for N12,000 (about $75USD) in Benin (Edo State, Nigeria) at a time when the brand new ones were selling for N30,000 (about $187USD).

The name is Nokia N70. What a rugged phone that was! Even at fairly used it was a rugged phone. I cannot recall how many times that phone fell from my hands. All I would just do was pick it from the ground and fix it all back, switch it back on and it would simply begin to function again as if nothing happened.

Before that, I had a Nokia 6630 - another solid and rugged phone - but not quite like its successor, the N70 (a member of the N-series family). Both of them were some of the best smart phones of 2008/2009.

Were they good for e-business? You bet they were!

However, both phones are no longer being produced by Nokia and the ones you will get, even if you get any, are imitations and not the real thing.

You can't believe that I used both phones to prepare the ground articles for my first SBI! site, (now, before I launched the site online in June 2010.

Nokia E5 Smart Phone

Now I use Nokia E5 smart phone which has a QWERTY keypad (fashioned after the computer keyboard). It is a very recent phone and the one I bought was manufactured in May 2011.

What attracted me to the phone?

Usually, I am difficult-to-please, but when I initially saw it in the hand of a colleague in the office it did not take me long for me to fall in love with the phone. At that time, I was looking for a better alternative to my Nokia N70 phone which was already becoming faulty beyond repair.

Upon close examination of my colleague's E5, I discovered that it had a pdf, word and excel applications. I was enchanted that I simply could not resist getting one for myself.

I had no choice but to tell another colleague who specialises in the sales of mobile phones to bring one for me, irrespective of the cost. Though I got the phone for N30,000 (about $187USD), I'm sure you will get it for a lesser amount if you are resident in Lagos (Nigeria), should you decide that you need the phone for your home business.

You could even get the phone online for a far cheaper amount. Last time I checked, the phone was being offered for sale for about $120USD on the internet. You will even get it delivered straight to your doorsteps free of any shipping costs, even if you are ordering one piece online.

If you are sure that the Nokia E5 smart phone will meet your e-business needs and you desire to order online, I strongly recommend:

You will get great bargains for all sorts of products from - be it shoes, bags, clothes, all sorts of mobile phones, all sorts of electronics, jewelries and just about anything else that you desire to purchase from them.

There is no fear that you will lose your money because they are a 100% legitimate company that has been doing legitimate business on the internet for close to 10 years now.

Additionally, all the products that they offer on their website are covered by an Escrow Buyer Protection policy. That simply means that if you are not completely satisfied with the quality of products that you get from them, you get your money back in full.

A Good Smart Phone

But, somehow, I still miss my Nokia N70 phone because it allowed me to play a soccer game known as Real Football 2009, which I used as a convenient excuse of taking time off and relaxing when I felt like taking a break.

But, now it's all about work, work, work as my new smart phone does not allow me play such games. Or, maybe I'm yet to discover and download the games applications for the phone.

Though I can play games on my laptop, you will agree with me that playing games on a mobile phone is much more convenient and relaxing than when you do it on a computer.

Well, you will understand what I mean better if you take a look at the following article with the title: How to Work from Home.

Believe me. There's hardly a thing that I couldn't do with the Nokia N70 smart phone.

What I particularly love about it is that it opens all applications and the software is easy to come by. You can easily search for them, download and install them.

On the other hand, the software for these newer versions are not easily found because they are more recent.

But, believe me. both phones open web pages as if you are working with a pc. Their load time is also lightning fast too, depending on the network though.

And as for working on my site, I told you before there's HARDLY A THING that I didn't do with my N70. How the hell do you think I used it for over 2 years for?

However, a major limitation of the Nokia N70 smart phone is that it does not have the pdf, word and excel software installed on the phone.

The Nokia E5 is even smarter, comes with a 2gb memory card (you don't need to buy an extra memory card), open multiple applications, has copy and paste functionality and I can upload pages, work on C2 submissions, view my traffic stats, create forms and do other work on my sites.

As a matter of fact, this article was prepared with my Nokia E5 smart phone.

Nokia N97 Phone/PC

The only thing I couldn't do with the two phones - Nokia N70 and E5 - was doing brainstorming and organising my master keyword list for my SBI website.

You need a higher phone like the N97 - not too big and works almost like a pc with a 32Gb main memory. Sweet Jeeezuuz! That is higher than the grade of some PCs about 10 years ago!

What about the price? Well, last time I checked it was selling for N80,000 - N90,000 ($500USD - $562USD), about the cost of buying a laptop.

However, if you want a replacement for your pc, then get an android phone or tablet. But, what's the use of a phone if it's not mobile or cannot fit and sit squarely on your palms? None whatsoever!

Features of a Good Smart Phone

In this article, I have highlighted the features, high points of the Nokia 6630, Nokia N70, Nokia E5 and Nokia N97 smarter phones. They also have their limitations too - which I have also highlighted on this page.

The Nokia 6630, N70 have all been discontinued from further production by Nokia. The Nokia N97, on the other hand, is like a mini-pc on your palms costing for as much as almost $600USD.

This leaves you with the Nokia E5.

However, if you are not completely satisfied that the Nokia E5 is a good smart phone for your e-business, then I suggest you head on over to Google and continue your search there.

But, do not just go for any phone that catches your fancy on the internet. You should take the following points into consideration as a matter of utmost importance:

  • a good smart phone must be a MOBILE PHONE in every sense of the word, without any limitations whatsoever.
  • a good smart phone must be light in weight and easy to carry about.
  • a good smart phone must have all the functions that I have enumerated in this article if it's going to be of any use to you.

    A cool smart phone should not only have various functions to allow you do your home business work with ease, it must also have the versatility of being able to entertain you as well.
  • the feel of the template for the smart phone should be great too.
  • The Mini Importers Companiona good smart phone must not be too expensive.

On a final note, about the best smart phone for e-business, I strongly recommend the Nokia E5. It can open a lot of applications like PDF, Word and Excel. Additionally, it is also great for browsing too.

If you are sure that the Nokia E5 smart phone will meet your e-business needs and you desire to order online, I strongly recommend:

You will get great bargains for all sorts of products from - be it shoes, bags, clothes, all sorts of mobile phones, all sorts of electronics, jewelleries and just about anything else that you desire to purchase from them.

Good luck in your search.

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