What blogger is, the differences between blogger and blogspot, its history and how to use blogger are discussed in detail in this article.

Blogger blog-publishing service owned by Google since 2003

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free blog-publishing platform which is used for creating stunningly beautiful blogs. Similar to the service provided by WordPress, it enables individuals and organisations to write and publish unique content on the World Wide Web.

Who is the owner of Blogger and when did it start operation?

Blogger is owned by Google. Its history dates back to 1999 when it was first developed by Pyra Labs until it was later acquired by Google four years later in 2003.

Differences Between Blogger and Blogspot

What are the differences between Blogger and Blogspot, if any?

Blogger - easy and free blog-publishing service for creating unique and beautiful blogs

Blogger is a free blog-publishing platform which provides free blog hosting service. On the other hand, Blogspot is a free domain name service provider. Both Blogspot and Blogger are owned by Google.

Like WordPress, when you register a domain with Blogspot, you will be assigned with a subdomain based on the name you have choosen for your blog. For instance, if you choose christiesfunspot, the address for your blog would become

And an extension of that domain address will also be created based on the country you are creating the blog from. For instance, if you are creating the blog from Nigeria, your blog address automatically becomes

This means that your blog is both hosted by Google's Blogger as a subdomain of their website. So, your blog becomes another one of the numerous blogs registered on their platform. It also means that you do not have complete control of your blog as it can be shut down without notice if you go against any of their rules and regulations.

Therefore, it is very important for you to be conversant with Google's Blogger Content Policy and Terms of Service before you create your blog. If you do not and you go against their TOS, your blog can be suspended without any prior warning. It happened to Linda Ikeji. So, do not let it happen to you! Read her story HERE.

However, Blogger does not necessarily have to be used with Blogspot alone. You may also decide to go for a paid domain (e.g. and install blogger on your domain. This service is also similar to that provided by WordPress.

While it is free on Blogger, it will cost you about $18 on A way to go round this is to purchase and host your domain name first and install WordPress on your domain through the Softaculous tool within the cPanel of your domain.

You can use the outstanding web hosting and domain name registration services of and GlobalDomains.Host for your new blog.

Blogger - User-friendly and Easy to Use

The Blogger blog-publishing interface is user-friendly and easy to use. It contains a lot of free templates and blog building software. You can also install as many compatible plugins too.

According to Wikipedia, a user is allowed to have up to 100 blogs per account on the Blogger platform. Users were also able to publish blogs on other hosts via FTP - until the service was discontinued by May 1, 2010.

Blogger as a service provided by Google should not be confused with the term "blogger" which is used to describe someone who operates or owns a blog. On the other hand, a blog is a term which is derived from the two words "web log".

Additionally, a blog is a type of website which provides information about a specific activity that is frequently updated daily, weekly, monthly or even quarterly. For more information about blogging, what a blog is and how it works, please see the following web page: Blog, Blogging & Blogger.

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