Linda Ikeji - I Need A Husband Who Likes Sex

"I Need A Husband Who Likes Sex And Is VERY GOOD AT IT!" - Linda Ikeji.

Linda Ikeji has recently revealed her strong desire to get married, settle down and start having chilren. But, you must be a WINNER in bed before you can apply for the job.

Linda Ikejis New SUV

This article about Linda bares it all. It reveals everything about her intense feeling about getting married, settling down and having children.

As reported by Vanguard, one thing that is top priority in the mind of Linda Ikeji right now is to get married, settle down, have children and raise a family. At 37, she is obviously not getting any younger and time is flying by really fast. Being a world-famous celebrity and an extremely wealthy woman does not make it any easier.

Here is what Linda Ikeji has to say regarding this: "For almost 8 years itís been mostly me. I think itís time to get more hands to work at LIB. Doing it mostly alone has been fun but it can be quite exhausting. You donít go out much and I practically didnít have a social life. Plus now I can go out more and maybe find me a husband before menopause catch me for house where I sit down from morning till night dey blogÖlol. I need sex again in my life I swearÖ choiÖ lol."

However, Linda has high standards for her would-be husband. According to Linda, any man who would finally claim her heart and eventually take her to the altar must be dexterous and highly skillful at the things of the "other room". When asked if she has been getting proposals from suitors as well as what she requires in a man she would love to marry, she dropped some interesting points.

Linda Ikejis MarriageďIím getting quite a lot of proposals. You know people say when a woman is successful, men run away, itís a lie, that is when they chase you the more. But unfortunately, I havenít seen what Iím looking for. To be honest, I keep telling people, itís not like men are scarce, itís the type of man some of us are looking for that is scarce, if I want to marry next year I can, but he would not be the kind of man I want."

She continues: "I want a man that I can look up to, someone that inspires me, someone that would push me, someone that would motivate me, somebody that has had some success in his own career path, then I can look up to him and be like ďwowĒ, a man that teaches me and I can learn from. Iím inspired by successful people, someone like Tyler Perry, I canít wait to meet him. I canít marry a poor guy, Iím being honest about it, no I canít, he doesnít have to be very rich but let him be successful in his own way. You may come across some successful men but there is something wrong there, so the whole package is what Iím looking for."

She concluded: "When I was like 30-years old, my standards were very high, extremely high, but I wasnít looking at marrying, I was just focused on work because Iíve always been so ambitious that I wasnít focusing on marriage or kids. I felt like I should just do what I wanted to do. It was just recently that I began to think about marriage, and to be honest, my requirements are only three now. He must be successful, he must be a good man, in the sense that he must be supportive of me, if he tries to stifle me then Iím out. Lastly, he has to be a man that likes sex and must be very good at itĒ.

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