Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji certainly needs no introduction. She is a career blogger of over a decade running.

This article about Linda bares it all. It reveals everything you need to know about Linda Ikeji, her early life, academic background, how she started her blogging career, how she makes her money, the incidents which led to the shutdown of her blog and how she feels about getting married, settling down and having children.

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Linda Ikejis New SUV

Honestly, Linda Ikeji's story is one of uncommon resilience, tenacity, religious fervor, dedication to duty, focus, determination, and hard work. Born as Linda Ifeoma Ikeji on September 19, 1980, Linda Ikeji is the second of seven children. She was raised as a Catholic by her parents, Mr & Mrs Ikeji, who are both from Nkwerre L.G.A. in Imo State, Nigeria.

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Linda began her hobby in writing at the age of 10, finished secondary school at the age of 17 and, at 18, enrolled at the University of Lagos, where she studied English Language. Thereafter, she began working at various jobs, first as a part-time waitress, next as a model, and finally as a writer, in order to support her family financially.

The Blogging Episode

Blogging as a career for Linda Ikeji began two years after her graduation from the university in 2006. When some of those she finished school with went about looking for the ever-elusive "9 to 5" white-collar desk job, Linda promptly registered her first blog on the internet using the free blogger template and called it

A few months later, BellaNaija, another very famous Nigerian blog, published a post about Linda and her blog. It was then that the scales practically fell from her eyes and she began seeing blogging in a whole new light. She became very active and started to blog regularly every week. However, due to the fact that there was no easy access to the internet back then, she had to visit the cyber cafe regularly in order to be able to publish her posts to her blog using their computer.

Due to her dedication to her work and constantly blogging about various news stories which intrigued her, Linda Ikeji's blog quickly gained popularity across the internet world. Soon enough, became one of the most visited blogs in the country within a time period of just five years.

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how linda ikeji makes her money As a matter of fact, the name Linda Ikeji became the most searched item by internet surfers in Nigeria and the world over. Millions of people across the globe gladly and literally migrated to her blog daily to read up juicy news stories, entertainment, celebrity gist, gossip and so much more. Due to this widespread acceptance everywhere, it was only a matter of time before Linda Ikeji was officially crowned as "the mother of all bloggers in Nigeria".

And with that title came fame, recognition and money too. In August 2012, Linda was described as an outstanding success and a case study for the business of blogging by Forbes Africa.

In that month's issue of Forbes Africa magazine which was dedicated to celebrating African women, Forbes profiled Africa's 20 Most Prominent Women and the issue featured the profiles of two young Nigerian women which were Linda Ikeji and Chibundu Onuzo..

A few months later, she was interviewed by BBC on their Focus on Africa programme. The interview aired on 25 September 2012. She also received the prestigious Nigeria Blog Awards NBA as Best Entertainment Blog in 2013. Linda Ikeji also became the biggest Google Search Trend in Nigeria for 2014. That is a remarkable achievement indeed.

Honestly, Linda Ikeji's story is one which proves the statement that "hard work pays" to be true. Another statement which says that "hard work never kill no one" is also true in the case of Linda Ikeji. And it all began with a simple passionate hobby of sharing things which fascinated her with others.

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