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how to make money blogging

As a matter of fact, you are about to discover how to make money blogging starting from TODAY!

There is no doubt that you would love to start a blog. I also know that your utmost desire is to make money blogging. But, did you know that only 1% of all bloggers and websites owners (numbering over 200 million) actually make money from their blogs and sites?

That is a depressing thought, is it not? Most certainly it is! However, all hope is not lost. You can actually start a blog and make money from blogging starting from today! Thanks to the sparkling new fresh-from-the-oven eBook on blogging by Kome Itoje titled:

"How to Make Money Blogging Starting from TODAY! (A Case Study of Nigerian Bloggers)", also known as "The Bible of BLOGGING in Nigeria"

How To Make Money Blogging Starting From TODAY!

Table of Contents - "The Bible of BLOGGING in Nigeria"

"How to Make Money Blogging Starting from TODAY!..." contains 12 chapters and a total of 142 pages in all. Below is the Table of Contents for this awesome book:

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About the Author
Chapter One: Blog, Blogging & Blogger
Chapter Two: Why People Fail to Make Money Blogging
Chapter Three: What the People Need to Hear
Chapter Four: Laying the Right Foundation for Your Blog
Chapter Five: Framework for Blog Content
Chapter Six: Spying on the Competition
Chapter Seven: Top 7 Money-Making Blogs/Websites in Nigeria
Chapter Eight: Linda Ikeji's Story
Chapter Nine: Challenges to Effective Blogging in Nigeria
Chapter Ten: How to Get Traffic for Your Blog
Chapter Eleven: Income Streams to Make Money Blogging
Chapter Twelve: Start Your Own Blog and Begin Making Money Blogging Starting from TODAY!

"How to Make Money Blogging Starting from TODAY! (A Case Study of Nigerian Bloggers)" examines the subject of making money blogging dispassionately - from start to finish.

In the first chapter, there is explanation of the various terms that you will come across in the book, while the second and third chapters x-rays why many people fail to make money blogging and also what the people need to hear. Additionally, the need to lay the right foundation for your blog is highlighted in chapter four.

And chapter five discusses the framework for blog content and examines in detail why content is regarded as king in the blogging world.

Spying on the competition is something that business people do every day in the offline business world. And the internet too is not an exception in this regard. Chapter six explains clearly the need to spy on the competition as a fundamental part of the learning process and also getting ahead with the business of blogging.

This is followed by the top 7 money-making blogs in Nigeria as well as Linda Ikeji's personal story of blogging success in chapter seven and eight.

Chapter nine narrates the various challenges that bloggers face in Nigeria and offer practical suggestions and recommendations on how to overcome them.

Kome Itoje - Ace BloggerOne of the biggest issues for bloggers in the course of blogging is getting traffic for their blog. Hence, the subject of blog traffic and how to successfully direct traffic to your blog is discussed in chapter ten.

Making money blogging is the real reason for starting a blog though many bloggers are engaged in it for fun too. Thus, chapter eleven examines over 20 different ways that you can make money blogging.

Additionally, the need to diversify your blogging investment portfolio and have multiple streams of online income is also highlighted.

The chapter equally points out that you can do everything right with your blog from beginning to end, but if you do not have any product or service to sell on your blog, you will never make any money blogging.

Finally, the last chapter is a bonus chapter that is designed to spur you into action without delay and not procrastinate. The chapter is the focal point of all the subjects that is discussed in the book. It is appropriately titled: "Start Your Own Blog And Begin Making Money Blogging Starting from TODAY!"

Frankly speaking, the chapter will offer you an awesome opportunity to participate in a "Start Your Own Blog and Make Money Blogging" completely-done-for-you blogging package. The package is designed to give you a head start and save you many years of trial and error exercise in the blogging business.

"The Bible of BLOGGING..." to the Rescue!

The importance of a book of this nature cannot be over-emphasized. For too long, many bloggers have had a wrong perspective of the subject of blogging.

Some do not understand that making money from blogging is a process which takes time to fully actualize. Others, on the other hand, lack a complete understanding of the process that is involved.

How To Make Money Blogging Starting From TODAY! Now, all that is about to change with the successful publishing of this book.

Honestly, you are in for a great experience with "How to Make Money Blogging Starting from TODAY! (A Case Study of Nigerian Bloggers) and your life will certainly never remain the same again. But, please take note that no matter how good a course of action is, it remains only on paper until it is put into action. So, I strongly advise you to put into action all that you will learn in this book with respect to making money blogging on the internet.

I am also not unmindful of human nature and the tendency to procrastinate and put things off. Hence, I have put together a 90 days action plan guide to help you take action without delay. It is included in the complete package for this book. If it is not included in the package you receive when you purchase this book, please send a mail to and specifically request for it.

The Challenge to Blogging in Nigeria

If you think that it must be really nerve-wracking and back-breaking to write a book of this nature, you would be 100% right! Did I experience any challenge in the writing of this book? Most certainly, I did! So, what were the challenges and how did I overcome them?

While I was making preparations for this book, I lost two of my laptops to burglars who broke into my home during the night through one of the windows in my computer room and made away with the laptops. Though I have an external back up device, most of the information relating to this book was yet to be backed up before the burglary took place. I had no choice but to start all over again.

To make matters worse, my third laptop developed battery problem and you know how the situation is like with power supply in the country. Since the cost of fuel and diesel are on the high side, I had no choice but to rely almost completely on my Techno D9 Touchscreen mobile phone in the data gathering and most of the writing work for this book.

You can see that I too have experienced my own share of the challenges which Nigerian bloggers face every day in the country today. However, despite the numerous challenges that I encountered in the course of writing this book, I give all the praise and glory to the most high that I was able to successfully complete the book.

There is no doubt whatsoever that "How to Make Money Blogging Starting from TODAY! (A Case Study of Nigerian Bloggers)", also known as "The Bible of BLOGGING in Nigeria" will assist bloggers across the globe - old and new alike - make money with blogging. Additionally, this book will provide the much needed help which Nigerian bloggers in particular need to overcome all the challenges that they face with blogging in Nigeria.

This book is primarily targeted at Nigerian bloggers because they face peculiar challenges in carrying out the business of blogging. However, bloggers across the globe can also benefit too from the book.

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