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Maiden Edition:

It Is Time For You To
Make Money Online!

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1. It is time for you to make money online!

2. A Special Message to Advertisers

3. In Our Next Edition: Looking for a Great Product to Sell? Try This!

1. It Is Time For You To
Make Money Online!

It is time for you to make money online!

I find it indeed puzzling that when I speak about online business to my friends and colleagues, they are quick to ask me: "But, how do you make the money?"

In essence, they wish to know just how someone can get paid and receive money from business activities that are conducted online - before they can begin to give it serious consideration.

Is that what is presently going through your mind right now? If so, you can find the answer to this question explained in explicit detail on the following web page: Get Paid Online in Nigeria.

Additionally, let me use an illustration to buttress the point further. Supposing you have a friend who lives in the United Kingdom. Your friend informs you that he would like to send money through you for onward transmission to his wife and children right here in Nigeria. Do you think that he will be successful in sending the money over to you in Nigeria?

If your answer to that question is "Yes", I am convinced that you will also agree that it is quite possible that other people who have had business dealings or wish to conduct business transactions with you can do so and successfully send money to you through your bankers in Nigeria.

On the other hand, you may be a complete newbie to internet marketing or online business. Or, maybe you are just beginning to show interest in it.

It could also be that you have long been aware of the goldmine called internet marketing and have even tried it all - blog posting, website publishing, survey posting, forum posting, e-mail marketing, etc - to no avail, without any visible results to show for your hard efforts at it.

Maybe you have become discouraged by your inability to make any money online despite so many years of faithful and patient devotion to it. However, all that is about to change.

Make Money Online in Nigeria It gives me great pleasure, therefore, to announce to you the release of this wonderful new e-book - It is Time for You to Make Money Online!

Irrespective of your background with respect to internet marketing, I am very confident that this e-book will show you why now is the most opportuned time for you to make money online in Nigeria.

Additionally, I will patiently describe to you in very simple language in this e-book how you can make money online - even while you are at sleep in your bed - and smile all the way to your bank on a daily basis!

Believe it or not, I assure you that the internet is a goldmine that wise online business people are already taking advantage of in a huge way.

This e-book will reveal to you just how you too can achieve similar results and make your dream of financial freedom an awesome reality within the shortest time possible.

The daily growth rate of internet users is a sure pointer to the fact that the internet is an ever growing goldmine. The statistics reveal that internet users in the US, the United Kingdom and the whole of Europe is growing at a slow arithmetic rate.

On the other hand, the proportion of internet users in Africa in general, and in Nigeria in particular, is growing at a geometric rate on a daily basis.

So, do you see the enormous potential that this portends for anyone who is patient enough to take advantage of it?

Now suppose that you love music. Do you think that it is only you that love music in the whole of Africa, much less the world as a whole? Of course not! There are certainly countless millions of other persons who love music more than you do in various parts of the world.

On the other hand, maybe you are an ardent lover of action movies, you can be sure that there are millions of other people in the world who love movies with a greater intensity.

It could also be that you are a horticulturist by vocation and you love gardening to bits. Believe me, there are millions of other people like you out there in other parts of the world.

The way it works is this. Suppose that you create a website around your favourite subject. Now you write a book on the subject and market it on your website for a price. Now assume that you have over 10,000 visitors per day visiting your website.

That amounts to over 300,000 visitors every single month. Then suppose that only one (1) percent (3,000) of your website visitors purchase your book and pay you online through the finance institution that you have mandated to collect money on your behalf. Do you see what I'm driving at?

In order to make it more realistic, let us now put a price tag to your book. Let's say that you fix the cost of your book at $20 (US dollars) or N3,000 (in Nigeria Naira).

If you receive 1,000 orders for the book every month, you will make an estimated amount of $20,000 or N3,000,000 on the sale of the book every single month. In a year, that would amount to $240,000 (US dollars) or N36,000,000 (in Nigeria Naira).

Do you now see how you could easily turn the internet into a goldmine?

Consequently, you will find clearly explained in this e-book - "It is Time for You to Make Money Online!" - all the necessary information and assistance that you need to clearly differentiate between genuine money making opportunities from internet scam.

Hence, I guarantee you that you will indeed derive the maximum benefit from the practical, result-oriented information that you will find in this e-book - It is Time for You to Make Money Online!.

Please hurry! Claim your free copy and waste no more time to discover the goldmine called internet marketing!

Enjoy your free download and do share it with others.

2. A Special Message to Advertisers

As you are evidently aware, many of the resources (either audio, written or video materials) on e-business success found on this website, which include this free business newsletter, are offered completely free. Therefore, in order for this worthwhile cause to continue at a sustainable level, financial assistance is required through various adverts and donations.

So, are you interested in identifying with this noble cause by advertising on any of our websites listed below? If so, click on any of the links to go straight to the adverts section of the site that fits into your business plan and niche.

Certainly, advertising on any of our websites above is without doubt a win-win-win situation.

Aside from growing rapidly every single second of the day, these websites have a very bright future indeed. Hence, the result of your identifying early with the websites in terms of monetary rewards and popularity is simply unquantifiable.

Additionally, we place adverts of sponsors to these websites on the right column of every relevant web page on the websites - thus guaranteeing more exposure and increased visibility of the adverts to your target audience.

And needless for me to mention too that you get a worldwide outreach of exposure with your adverts on this website - since it is on the worldwide web.

You will certainly agree with me, no doubt, that it makes sense therefore to advertise our websites.

Therefore, are you interested in advertising on our websites? You do? Great!

Okay, just give me a buzz by e-mail at Or if you would rather call, please use the following phone number: +2348034563447.

3. In Our Next Edition: Looking for a Great Product to Sell? Try This!

Do you have a website? If so, are you looking for a great product to sell? If your answer is in the affirmative, then you will surely be interested in the August 2012 edition of KomeItoje's e-Business Success Digest.

Please do not miss it for anything in the world!

This second edition of KomeItoje's Newsletter will examine in explicit detail how to effectively monetize your website by being an infopreneur.

And, oh, one tiny minute point though...

Just in case you have not subscribed to KomeItoje's e-Business Success Digest, there is no better time than now to do it. That is the only way to guarantee that you do not miss a single edition of this wonderful newsletter on e-business success and profitability on a monthly basis.

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So long for now and all the best.

Kome ltoje
The Home Business Expert
+2348034563447, +2348094089232

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