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October 2012 Edition:

Make Money Online from
Selling What You Know!

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1. Make Money Online from Selling What You Know!

2. A Special Message to Advertisers

3. In Our Next Edition: How to Make Money Online from Selling What You Know

1. Make Money Online from
Selling What You Know!

Make money online from selling what you know!

In the August 2012 edition of this newsletter, I stated that "the fastest selling commodity online is information". My opinion has not changed.

As a matter of fact, it is my strong personal conviction that selling information is the easiest and fastest way to make money online - second only to online porn.

So, if you are looking for easy ways to make money online, you should seriously consider selling what you know on the internet.

What Do People Search for Online?

What do people search for on the internet? Rephrase differently, what do you search for at Google or any other search engine? Is it not information? Of course!

Or, if you do not know the meaning of information, what is it that you search for when you browse the internet?

It might interest you to know that right at this very minute, many people are searching for information about a subject or something at Google. As a matter of fact, people spend hours online searching for information about a particular service or product until they find precisely what it is that they are looking for.

If only you know how many people are at Google right now searching for information that are at your fingertips, you will indeed be amazed. Better still, you will rush to start your own website without further delay!

These sort of website visitors are known as "targeted". The reason is that they have a particular need and they are looking for information relevant to that need to fill it. If only you know how much these sort of website visitors are willing to pay for information - something that you know very well any time, any day!

Or, perhaps you are still sceptical, wondering to yourself: "Please don't talk bull! How can anyone possibly make money from selling information on where to get the cheapest products online? Surely that is common knowledge!"

That is where you get it wrong, bro! Or, sis!

If you have any doubts about this, go to Google right now and find out. Click HERE to search for information on where to get the cheapest products online and see the results you will come up with.

So, what was the search result? I got 86,700,000. Incredible!

Alright, let us try it again. Click HERE to go back to Google custom search page and search for "solution for common cold symptoms" and "remedy for toothache" minus the quotation marks.

The results which I came up with in my search for those keywords are 2,920,000 and 70,900 respectively.

What is the implication of these search results? It simply indicate that there are a lot of websites featuring various materials on those search terms.

Bottom line?

It invariably means that the subjects are popular enough to attract so much discussion about them in various websites online. By the same token, since the supply for the search terms are very high, it means the demand for them should equally be as high, if not higher than the supply.

Time to Get Busy, Folks!

It is time to get busy, folks! No time to waste at all - except of course, you do not want to see a change in your finances and standard of living.

Where to begin from? You can start by doing a little brainstorming.

So, what is it that you know very well that lots of people will love to know about and even be willing and glad to pay for on the internet? What is it that you love so much and passionate about that you can do continuously non-stop and even go without food throughout the whole day?

Yes, what is that subject that you know very well so much so that even if you were asleep and woken up to give an opinion about it, you will always have something reasonable and meaningful to say or an advice to give regarding the subject?

Is it music, arts, games, gardening, computers, phones, food, football, events, love, hate, friendship, reading, books, films, words, medicine, sex, marriage, relationship, children, business, money, education, life, nature... or, what?

Why not get started right away by attempting to discover that one single thing which you are very passionate about which will be very attractive to lots of people on the internet?

Once you have discovered that one single thing which you love more than anything else which you feel will attract a lot of people to your information location, you can go a step further and do intensive research and lay the proper foundation for setting up your home based business.

Google image
a screenshot of Google, the No. 1 global search engine

2. A Special Message to Advertisers

As you are evidently aware, many of the resources (either audio, written or video materials) on e-business success found on this website, which include this free business newsletter, are offered completely free. Therefore, in order for this worthwhile cause to continue at a sustainable level, financial assistance is required through various adverts and donations.

So, are you interested in identifying with this noble cause by advertising on any of our websites listed below? If so, click on any of the links to go straight to the adverts section of the site that fits into your business plan and niche.

Certainly, advertising on any of our websites above is without doubt a win-win-win situation.

Aside from growing rapidly every single second of the day, these websites have a very bright future indeed. Hence, the result of your identifying early with the websites in terms of monetary rewards and popularity is simply unquantifiable.

Additionally, we place adverts of sponsors to these websites on the right column of every relevant web page on the websites - thus guaranteeing more exposure and increased visibility of the adverts to your target audience.

And needless for me to mention too that you get a worldwide outreach of exposure with your adverts on this website - since it is on the worldwide web.

You will certainly agree with me, no doubt, that it makes sense therefore to advertise our websites.

Therefore, are you interested in advertising on our websites? You do? Great!

Okay, just give me a buzz by e-mail at Or if you would rather call, please use the following phone number: +2348034563447 or +2348094089232.

3. In Our Next Edition: How to Make Money Online from Selling What You Know

In this edition, we have examined what you must do to make money online. In our next edition we will continue from where we have stopped in this edition.

If you are planning on setting up a home based business which will provide valuable information to the internet community so as to ultimately make money online, then you will surely be interested in the November 2012 edition of KomeItoje's e-Business Success Digest.

The title of the November 2012 edition of this newsletter is titled: How to Make Money Online from Selling What You Know.

Please do not miss it for anything in the world! This fifth edition of KomeItoje's Newsletter will examine in explicit detail everything you need to know about making money online.

And, oh, one tiny minute point though...

Just in case you have not subscribed to KomeItoje's e-Business Success Digest, there is no better time than now to do it. That is the only way to guarantee that you do not miss a single edition of this wonderful newsletter on e-business success and profitability on a monthly basis.

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So long for now and all the best.

Kome ltoje
The Home Business Expert
+2348034563447, +2348094089232


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