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September 2012 Edition:

Importance of Trust to Making Money Online

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1. Importance of Trust to Making Money Online

2. A Special Message to Advertisers

3. In Our Next Edition: Make Money Online from Selling What You Know

1. Importance of Trust to Making Money Online

The importance of trust to making money online cannot be over-emphasised. This is because trust is that point where potential customers reach a decision whether to buy your products and / or services or not. Hence, it is that crucial point where casual or targeted visitors to your website are translated to life-long customers.

To demonstrate the fact that trust is very vital to making money online, scammers rely on it to perpetrate their fraudulent activities online. How do they do this?

They deceive people into believing that they are trustworthy and reliable people doing genuine and legitimate business online.

Thereafter, when people trust them and pay money into their accounts for the products and / or services which they claim to sell, they betray the trust and fail to deliver on their promises.

A classical example of this type of online fraud are the make money with liberty reserve scam and the paypal verification scam.

Consequently, trust and loyalty are important elements to doing business and making money online. Therefore, it is very important that people who visit your website trust you and your recommendations in order for them to be able to patronise your services or buy your products. If they don't trust you, they will not buy from you. Plain and simple.

And you only get one chance to deliver on that trust. If you fail to deliver due to one reason or the other, you may never get another chance to prove that you are a genuine and legitimate business person on the net - ever again.

Additionally, even after potential customers have become customers, it is trust that will keep them coming back to patronise you again and again, again and again, again and again.

If it stops there, it would have been simply great. But, it does not. Your customers will not only patronise you on an ongoing basis because they trust you. They will also spread the word to their neighbours, family members, and even cycle of friends for you.

Yes, they will broadcast the message and gladly advertise your company and what you sell - completely free of charge. Why? Simple. This is because you have satisfied them and they have come to trust you.

However, if you breach the trust that your visitors reposed in you and fail to deliver on your promises, the same scenario will also play itself out - this time in a negative form. People whom you have failed to satisfy will tell their close acquaintances, family members and friends.

Other people whom have been told about you and your business will similarly portray you and your business to still others in a bad light and gradually the word will spread across various cycles that is perpetrating fraudulent activities on the internet.

The use of social network media like Facebook makes it even worse. Through Facebook and other social network media, the message will quickly spread on the internet that you are not a reliable business person to transact business with. This will result in making people avoid you like a plague.

So, it is very important that you do not take the first time buyer for granted. It is that first time buyer who will grow your business for you - simply because he or she has learnt to trust you.

It is clear from the foregoing that you need to respond promptly and qualitatively to your customers needs in order for you to build trust with them.

Additionally, another way to build trust with your customers is by providing great content and information on your niche within your website. It is this great information on your niche that will attract your website visitors like bees are attracted to sweet-smelling nectars.

However, attracting them to your websites is one thing. Keeping them glued to your website and coming back for more is a different ball game altogether. This is where responding to the needs of your customers come in.

Therefore, in order to keep your website visitors on your website at all times, you need to build a friendly and trustworthy atmosphere with them.

One way to do this is by having a great round-the-clock support system through which your potential, new and existing customers can contact you for solutions to whatever it is that troubles them as far as their small business is concerned.

Additionally, you not only need to spend your time providing solutions to the various needs of your website visitors for free. You also need to go the extra mile to providing other services to your visitors for free too.

For instance, if you operate a computer training centre online, you could also have a free online computer training course to your visitors who have no money or are hesitant to participate in your regular programme.

Similarly, if it is a home business website like this one that you have, you could offer a free home based business training alongside your best home based business training like we do on this website.

It goes without saying therefore that trust and loyalty are very important elements for doing business on the internet and making money online.

There are other tools that you can also use for effectively building trust and friendliness with your website visitors. These other tools will be the subject of a future newsletter.

2. A Special Message to Advertisers

As you are evidently aware, many of the resources (either audio, written or video materials) on e-business success found on this website, which include this free business newsletter, are offered completely free. Therefore, in order for this worthwhile cause to continue at a sustainable level, financial assistance is required through various adverts and donations.

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You will certainly agree with me, no doubt, that it makes sense therefore to advertise our websites.

Therefore, are you interested in advertising on our websites? You do? Great!

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3. In Our Next Edition: Make Money Online from Selling What You Know

Do you have a home based business? If your answer is yes, then you will surely be interested in the October 2012 edition of KomeItoje's e-Business Success Digest. It is titled: Make Money Online from Selling What You Know.

Please do not miss it for anything in the world! This fourth edition of KomeItoje's Newsletter will examine in explicit detail everything you need to know about Making Money Online.

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So long for now and all the best.

Kome ltoje
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