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Would you like to make thousands of dollars from home doing next to nothing? Sounds great, right? Yeah, right!

So, what do you have to do to cash in on this fantastic offer? That is the most interesting part. It is next to nothing! That is just too good to be true!

But, be careful! You could lose a lot of money online!

However, since you greatly desire to make money online, you throw caution to the wind and decide to sign up for the "home income opportunity". You fill the registration form, fill in your credit card details, pay $2.97 and wait for you home income kit to arrive.

It is only after you have signed up for your three days “free trial” and the package fails to appear and you are made to pay an additional "one-time fee" of $139.95 that you realise too late that you have been scammed.

You Can Lose A Lot Of Money Online!

Stories like the one narrated above are quite common on the net.

However, to be completely honest with you, you can make lots of money on the internet. At the same time, you can also lose lots of money online.

Testimonies abound to prove that the above two opposite scenarios are true and correct. However, 99% of all home based business opportunities are scams. Does that seem scary to you? Of course, it should!

"Aha! Now, I see! No wonder people lose a lot of money on the internet!" Is that not what you are thinking right now? If it is, then I just read your mind!

On the other hand, if you think that I am joking or exaggerating a bit, then remind me to tell you "I told you so" if you eventually get burnt online!

99% of all home income opportunities are scams!

Do you want to lose a lot of money online? I suppose not! If you do not desire to lose a lot of money online, then you must tread with the utmost caution when doing business on the internet.

The objective of this page is to provide you with all the information that you need to help you identify anything that even hints at home income business opportunity scams a mile away online.

To start with, have you read my article titled The Truth About Making Money Online - The Whole Truth?

If not, I strongly suggest that you go and read that article now before coming back to this one - in order to have a complete picture of making money online legitimately.

However, you may save that article for later and just continue reading this page till the end before proceeding to that wonderful article.

How to Identify Home Business Scams

Home business opportunity scams are easy to detect to the trained eye. But, to the untrained eye, a home business scam will look like the perfect business opportunity that you have been looking for all your life. That is precisely why many people lose a lot of money on the internet.

home income profit scam So, how do you identify home business opportunity scams from genuine business opportunities on the internet? Well, it is simple really. All you need do is to be vigilant and observant.

Like Jesus said, by their fruits you will recognise them. Therefore, in order to be able to detect and identify home business scams, there are certain distinguishing traits or characteristics which is common with all online scams that you should watch out for in a prospective home business opportunity.

Though they may be slightly different with respect to ownership and structure, all home business opportunity scams operate along the same lines. They have similar strategies and operational modus.

So, they should not be too difficult to detect and spot out from the internet crowd - no matter how surreptitious in operation or numerous they might be.

Operators of home business opportunity scams have the following similar characteristics:

  • Get-Rich-Quick Philosophy: All home business opportunity scams are operated under the same philosophy of overnight wealth and Get-Rich-Quick.

    They not only promise instant success on the internet or overnight wealth, but they also make it clear that you do not do any hard work using their "turnkey home income opportunity system".

    This is because all the hard work have been done for you already and it will only take 10 to 15 minutes for the whole automated system to be set up once you sign up.

    But, you and l know that that is a complete lie! It is just not possible to attain overnight wealth legitimately without doing any hard work. As a matter of fact, the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary.

    Then again, they tell you that they will help you set up your home based business for you 100%. In other words, they present their "turnkey home income opportunity" as the easiest and fastest money making system that you will ever come across on the internet.

    They try as hard as possible to make you believe that all you need to do to start making money online immediately is to simply sit back and click a few buttons with your mouse and the money starts to roll in every hour, every day, every week, all year round. Amazing indeed!
  • Follow Their Lead: Home income opportunity scam operators also tell you that all you need to make money online is simply to follow their "15 minutes turnkey system" and you will be making 50 to 100 dollars every hour, every day, all year round, for life. Simply stupendous!

    But, is that really possible? Of course, not! It is a complete lie, l tell you! And I will tell you why.

    No matter how good and easy to master a system is, l guarantee you that it takes several days, or weeks even, for you to completely understand how it works before you can ever hope to start making a single dime from it.

    Additionally, in order to succeed online, you do not just copy and paste someone else's automated system and expect to "start churning out cash on an hourly basis" as if it is a cash dispenser. No way! It just does not work that way.
  • Do Not Invent Your Own System: On the one hand, home income opportunity scam operators tell you that they became wealthy by inventing their own unique system to make money online. On the other hand, they tell you that you do not have to invent your own system in order to become wealthy like them.

    Why? Because, according to them, it is too difficult to accomplish and, even if you are exceptionally intelligent, will take you a very long time to figure it all out.

    So, they tell you that you do not have to invent your own unique system because they have made it easier for you to avoid all the hard work connected with making money from home and simply use their own "turnkey home income system" to start making thousands of dollars without delay.

    Does that not sound funny to you? It does to me too!
  • They Present "Proof" of Their Success: The home income opportunity scam operators do not just tell you how successful they are. They show you "proof".

    They do pitch videos to put on display their expensive Lamborghinis, their ostentatious yachts, and porch mansions. They also show you their wife and two (remember, it is always 2, not 3 or 4, always 2!) lovely children.

    What a perfect picture! Who wouldn't be moved by such smooth-talking, cleverly worded sales pitches - especially when it is recorded on video! Thus, they impress it upon you that they are not just wealthy, but they are respectably married family men who have great respect for their families.

    Then they tell you that you can be just as successful with your home based business like them and have your own Lamborghinis, your own yachts, your own mansions, and your very own very lovely wife and 2 beautiful children - if, and only if, you follow their system.
  • Small Sign Up Fee and High Activation Fee: Finally, they tell you to buy their "turnkey home income kit" and start making money online without delay for as low as $3 or $4.9 for three or more days trial period.

    They are careful to keep the signup fee very small to make it seem insignificant against the perceived benefits from the system so that you will simply rush to sign up for their "home income profit scheme".

    At the end of the day, nobody makes a single dollar from all those who sign up for the "turnkey home income profit system". It is only the operators of the scheme who make all the money to themselves.

    Assume that one million people pay $3 to sign up for the three days free trial period. The operators of the scheme would have made $3,000,000 cold, hard cash from the sign up fees alone.

    If only 1% of those who signed up for the three days free trial pay the $139.95 "one-time" activation fee, the home income opportunity scam operators would have made another $1,399,500 (1% X 1,000,000 X $139.95).

    Amazing! That is more money to last a lifetime.

    After that successful outcome, the operators of the "home income profit system" can simply rinse and repeat the same strategies all over again.
  • 24 Hours Deadline: The operators of the home income opportunity scam realise that they need to act fast so that they can hook as many unsuspecting victims as possible before they can cotton on to them.

    So, they impress it upon you the necessity of the urgency of taking action, not tomorrow, or next tomorrow, but now. They also tell you that if you delay a day longer, you may not have the opportunity that they are presenting to you "right here, right now" - ever again.

    Therefore, the strongest yardstick to determine whether an home income opportunity is a genuine home business opportunity or a scam is if they harass you or bamboozle you or stampede you to patronize them in any way. One way they do this is to give you a 24 hours deadline which they always shift forward the next day.

    To test the genuineness of the so-called "deadline", refrain from signing up and visit the site the following day and you will discover that the deadline has been moved forward by another day. So, they keep shifting the deadline continuously without end.

What to Do About Online Scams

It is pretty obvious from the foregoing that there are more home income opportunity scams online than there are legitimate ones. Indeed, if there is one way to lose money faster than being robbed at gun point by a sneak thief around your neighbourhood it is on the internet.

Hence, the need to exercise the utmost carefulness and caution while prospecting for home income opportunities on the internet.

So, what can you do when you come across seemingly home business opportunities in order for you to be 100% certain that they are not online scams?

It is often said that experience is the best teacher. But, believe me, that popular saying does not apply to losing a lot of money on the internet. If you think different, how would you feel if you were to lose all your life earnings to an home income opportunity scam on the internet?

I strongly believe that you will not find it funny at all.

Consequently, there are various measures to adopt to verify the genuineness or authenticity of home income opportunities.

Some of these measures are as follows:

  • Look around the website of the home income opportunity scheme. Do they have a "contact us" page? Do they have an "about us" page? Take note that these home income opportunity scams operate illegitimate businesses.

    Since they do not want their identities disclosed, they will not have an "about us" page or a "contact us" page - so that they can continue to operate in obscurity.
  • Another measure you can take when considering investing into a home business opportunity is to do a search about the so-called business opportunity on Google. If it is a scam, chances are that they must have duped several other people online.

    If this is the case, then someone must have raised an alarm online about the fraud. And Google will help you bring such complaints about the scheme to the fore wherever they may be located on the internet.

    To test this precautionary measure now, do a search about "Home Profit System" on Google removing the quotation marks in the search box below.

    You will be amazed at the results that you will come up with. I guarantee you that!

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