How to Identify Genuine Import Portals on the Internet

Here is How to Identify Fake and Scam Import
Portals from 100% Genuine and Legitimate Ones

This article examines how to identify genuine import portals from fraudulent and counterfeit ones.

Frankly speaking, the mini importation business is a 100% genuine and legitimate one. So many people who have benefitted immensely from the business have attested to its genuineness and legitimacy.

However, there are some fake and unscrupulous ones on the internet falsely claiming to sell cheap products among the genuine ones. But it is all a huge lie. Their claims have never been verified by anyone and are unverifiable.

At best, some of the scam import portals will deliver substandard products to you. Or, at worse, they will just take your hard-earned money and scram into thin air! So, you really need to be careful about where and how you spend your money while making purchases online.

The more reason why you should really exercise caution while making purchases online is due to what consumer law says with respect to buying and selling – be it on the internet or elsewhere. In this regard, commercial or consumer law states that “let the buyer beware”.

In other words, the buyer should buy with caution and informed judgment as at the point of purchase and not after purchase has been made.

This law is known as caveat emptor. However, that is not to say that the consumer is not protected under law to get a fair deal for what he is buying. Nevertheless, he owes a duty to himself to ensure that the person or company that he is buying from is a genuine and reliable company that delivers on their obligations.

It is imperative, therefore, to consider how to identify genuine, reliable, trustworthy and legitimate import portals on the internet.

So, how can you identify the genuine and legitimate import portals from the counterfeit?

Well, in order to successfully know for certain that a mini import business is a scam or not, you will need to adopt some practical result-oriented techniques.

According to the words of Jesus Christ: "By their fruits YOU will recognize them."

Continuing, he said:

"Never do people gather grapes from thorns or figs from thistles, do they?
Likewise every good tree produces fine fruit, but every rotten tree produces
worthless fruit; a good tree cannot bear worthless fruit, neither can a
rotten tree produce fine fruit.
" - Matthew 7:16 (according to NWT).

In line with this practical admonition by the leader of Christianity, some of the strategies to adopt to confirm that an import portal is indeed a genuine and legitimate one and not a counterfeit or scam outfit are as follows:

Strategy One: Do a Search on Google

The first and most important strategy is to do a search about the importation portal on Google to see what other people are saying about the business. Chances are that if they are indeed scam outfits, they would have succeeded in ripping off other people before you came across them on the internet.

Those people who fell victims to the scams would definitely be complaining about their experience on forums and social networks. If this is indeed the situation, Google would bring up any reference to that particular importation business scam on its results page. For instance, do a search on "Home Income Profit" and you will be surprised at the results that will show up on Google.

Strategy Two: Check Their Popularity on Alexa

Another practical approach to adopt to investigate importation scam is to check their popularity and traffic ranking on If they are a new outfit of less than a year old, it would be pretty difficult for them to achieve a ranking of less than one million within such a short time.

Additionally, investigate the inbound links shown on Alexa. Visit as many of those links as possible and see if they are genuine legitimate links and not spam postings on different social networks and forums by the same person - possibly the operator of the scam outfit.

Strategy Three: Look for "Contact Us" on Their Website

Visit the website of the suspected scam outfit and look for their "Contact Us" page to see if they have one. If they have one, check their Contact information to see whether it is detailed enough. If they are a scam outfit, they will have none. This should tell you straight off that the person or persons concerned have something to hide.

If they have a "contact us" page, send a mail to them to ask them to send you more information about their line of business as well as their testimonials from notable individuals and corporate organisations for verification online.

If they are indeed a scam outfit, they won’t reply your e-mail. Or, even if they reply you, they will try to be sketchy, dodgy or evasive to the direct questions that you may ask them.

Strategy Four: Check their WhoIs Info

Another important strategy to identify fake importation websites is by checking their whois information. The whois information of any online company will detail their identity, billing and contact addresses of the owners of the businesses. If they are a scam outfit, they would not have such information - since they prefer to operate anonymously.

Strategy Five: Escrow Buyer Protection Policy

When you visit any mini importation portal, look closely at all the pages you visit on the site. Do they have escrow buyer protection policy in place? If they do, it will be displayed clearly and visibly on all the pages on their websites so visitors cannot fail to see it.

However, online scam operators will not have an escrow buyer protection policy in place. They will not even make a subtle reference to a money-back guarantee on the so-called services and products that they provide to their customers.

This is perhaps the single most important factor for you to identify online importation scam as it instantly tells you the genuineness of an online company at a glance.

"By Their Fruits You Shall Recognise Them"

Illegitimate and unreliable importation scammers are like fake pastors. They pretend to be what they are not – righteous and genuine; but by their fruits you shall recognise them. They will promise you overnight wealth, much like fake pastors promise "24 hours instant miracle".

However, the only people who will get rich are no other persons but themselves. So, to find out the genuineness of their claims, get them to show you their "fruits" - the result of their efforts.

Since they claim to have the turnkey business opportunity to make you wealthy overnight, get them to show you evidence that they can actually make you rich through their much touted home income opportunity.

Get them to provide names and addresses of those they have made rich through their "turnkey system" before you will put your money into it. Thereafter, verify their testimonials by contacting some of those people that they claim are beneficiaries of their money making business ideas.

Chances are that they cannot provide these testimonials since they have none to provide and whatever testimonials they may provide are outright falsehood.

For more information on online scams and how online scammers operate, please see the following web page: Home Income Opportunity Scams and How to Identify Online Scam.

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