How To Make Money Online In Nigeria

How to make one million naira online from Nigeria every month.

Discover How I Make $2,500 (N400,000)
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Due to the fact that the internet is rife with so many scam outfits parading themselves as genuine and legitimate home income opportunities experts, you may doubt that I actually make as much as $2,500 (about N400,000) on the internet.

If that is the case with you, I will not blame you. After all, by my own estimation, 99% of all home based businesses are far from being legitimate. Therefore, you cannot be too careful when it has to do with doing business on the internet.

However, I can confidently tell you that this is not the case with what I will teach you in this "How to Make Money Online In Nigeria" guide. As a matter of fact, I will not only teach you the only fool-proof way to conduct honest business on the internet and make quick cash in the process. You will also learn the whole truth about making money online.

A Little Bit of Introduction

My name is Oghenekome Itoje. I am a home based businesses expert. My primary specialty is identifying and investing in the very best work from home businesses on the worldwide web.

Kome Itoje - make money online in nigeria expertAs of now, I am the proud owner and publisher of this website along with the following other websites:

  • www.GlobalDomains.Host
Am I adequately qualified to teach you how to make money online in Nigeria? I think I do. But, I will allow you be the judge.

No doubt about it. My personal resume speaks volume as to the fact that I am the perfect choice for your home based business that you could ever ask for.

However, saying it means nothing. The evidence speaks for itself.

Over the last decade, I have been engaged in the home business niche and I have come to understand what makes many home based businesses fail where others succeed.

Consequently, I have garnered so much knowledge and a vast wealth of practical experiences in the home based businesses niche that you cannot fail to feel it in the articles and materials on this website.

Now, I can smell the perfect home based business opportunity a mile away.

I have the cognate experience, professional expertise and wherewithal
to help you identify how to make money online in Nigeria.

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Here Is Proof!

You want proof, right? Alright, I will give you proof. But not like the kind of proof you see on so many self-acclaimed work from home gurus that are rife on the internet. I could show you my expensive Lamborghinis, ostentatious yachts, and porch mansions. I could also show you my bank account literally dripping with cold hard cash.

Also, I could show you my online accounts with Payoneer, Fiverr, Google, and many others that I have on the internet stashed with sweet American currency. Better still, I could also show you my beautiful wife and 2 lovely kids.

But, I will not. Do you know why? It is simple. For the simple reason that if I do all those, you wouldn't be able to tell for sure whether I have made it up or not. And I could have you completely fooled.

So, what's the point of presenting all those "proof of my online business success" to you, if there is no way that you can confirm whether I am telling the truth or outrightly lying to you? None whatsoever!

I could show you my expensive Lamborghinis, ostentatious yachts,
porch mansions, fat bank accounts, beautiful wife and
2 lovely children as "PROOF". But, I will not!

And that is precisely what self-acclaimed internet marketing gurus do on their websites. They present "proof" of their success to you. In other words, the home income opportunity scam operators do not just tell you how successful they are. They show you "proof".

They do pitch videos to put on display their rented expensive Lamborghinis, ostentatious yachts, and porch mansions. They also show you their wife and two (remember, it is always 2, not 3 or 4, always 2!) lovely children.

Then they tell you that you can be just as successful with your home based business like them and have your own Lamborghinis, your own yachts, your own mansions, and your very own very lovely wife and 2 beautiful children - if, and only if, you follow their system.

What a perfect picture! Who wouldn't be moved by such smooth-talking, cleverly worded sales pitches - especially when it is recorded on video! Thus, they impress it upon you that they are not just wealthy, but they are respectably married family men who have great respect for their families.

That is why I am not going to show you that kind of "proof". So, what sort of proof am I going to present to you? It is the proof of your imagination.

Not everyone shows you the kind of proof that I’ll show you in just a second. I think the reason why others don’t show such proof is because they are either faking it, or are afraid that you’re going to destroy their “business”.

I will describe only 2 areas that I make money online to you and allow you to be the judge of it all.

I make money online from selling domain name registration and web hosting to people on my website. Depending on the web hosting plan that a client wants, the amount can be as low as N5,500 for a web space of 2GB or as high as N45,000 for 20GB web space per client.

Bring Out Your Calculator Please!

Let's do some simple arithmetic.

Supposing I have 1,000 clients who purchase web hosting plans of 2GB costing N5,500 each, how much would that amount to?

Did you arrive at N5,500,000 in your calculation? If so, you are correct!

On the other hand, if I get 100 clients who purchase a corporate web hosting plan of 20GB web space costing N45,000 each, that automatically translates to N4,500,000 annually. Awesome!

Another easy way that I make money online is through the selling of information in the form e-books and videos, also known as information marketing.

So, how do I make money online from information marketing? Take, for instance, the e-book “The Importers Bible (Where and How To Import Brand New Laptops, Blackberries, Phones, Shoes, Clothes, Bags, Jewelries and Other Top Quality Products At Rock Bottom Prices!” which I am marketing for N5,500.

Just stop and ponder over this for a moment.

Over the last three months, I have sold over 200 copies of this e-book alone (and I also have 4 other awesome e-books that I am equally marketing on the internet).

Go ahead and do the math!

How much did you arrive at? N1.1million? Of course!

And this e-book is just one of the several e-books that I market on the internet.

Similarly, I have also sold over 500 copies of my other 4 e-books at an average price of N4,000 per book within the same period.

Again, do the math, please!

What a sweet and wonderful way to make money online through information marketing on the internet!

What business could be sweeter than this? You tell me - because I simply have no idea.

Right now I have 18 different e-books on various subjects that I am presently selling on my various websites.

Wouldn't you love to make money online from the comfort of your home right here in Nigeria too? Most certainly you would.

Don't worry. I will show you exactly how to in a moment!

What do you think? Is this sufficient "PROOF"?

This is where it all gets interesting. I have been into internet marketing technically since 2009. My website - - has been in operation since the year 2011.

Similarly, like I said earlier, I have at least 5 different websites on the internet as at the time of publishing this squeeze page.

Now, you be the judge.

Is this enough proof that I am making money online?

If so, how much do you think I must have made by now from the internet since I started about 4 years ago?

From what you have read so far, do you think that I am adequately qualified to teach you how to make money online in Nigeria?

I leave you to provide the answers for yourself!

You will find everything described in detail inside here.

Your BluePrint for Making Money Online!

At last, here it is: the perfect blueprint for you to make money online! What is that? A step-by-step internet marketing tool titled: "How to Make Money Online in Nigeria GUARANTEED!"

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria GUARANTEED This e-book discusses, as the name implies, some of the easy ways to make money online in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, this e-book is a step-by-step guide for making money on the internet.

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And what is more? This perfect blueprint for making money online is offered with a 90-day 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days and pro-rated thereafter. That simply means that if after downloading and reading the e-book, you feel that you have been scammed or that you are not completely satisfied with what you read in the book, all you need do is to simply ask and you will get your money back!

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