How to Make Payments for
Online Transactions in Nigeria
Without Using PayPal!

- My Personal Experience

This article examines how to make payments for online transactions in Nigeria. It also explains the use of wire transfer, physical and virtual credit cards, and e-currencies as alternatives to PayPal in the whole process of conducting business transactions online.

PayPal Is Not Alpha And Omega!

It is quite true that PayPal is a major player when it comes to making payments for online transactions across the globe. Why, it is the popular choice of many individuals and corporate organisations in over 190 countries of the world!

However, the exclusion of Nigeria and other non-European countries from the use of PayPal service has created a major limitation and hindrance for legitimate and genuine online business owners in those countries.

Consequently, making payments for online transactions is a major challenge for many people in Nigeria and other countries of the world that are excluded from the PayPal service.

Additionally, internet marketers who are resident in those excluded countries are unable to harness the limitless opportunities and potentials that are available on the worldwide web.

Consequently, the principle of exclusion by PayPal has left many Nigerians and residents of other excluded countries inside and outside Africa disenchanted.

Aside from being excluded from PayPal, other instruments for conducting sales and getting paid online are not readily available to everyone.

Additionally, many individuals find that majority of the credit instruments issued by Nigerian banks are not accepted globally as a convenient means of conducting business transactions online.

Hence, this leaves individuals who are desirous of making payments for online transactions with very little options.

However, if you are interested in conducting various business ideas and opportunities online and wish to make payments for online transactions, I have good news for you. You can make payment for online transactions in Nigeria without PayPal!

Believe me, PayPal is not the Alpha and Omega when it comes to making payments for online transactions. They may like to think of themselves as such, but they are not!

As a matter of fact, my own personal experience is a living testimony that you can successfully make payments for online transactions in Nigeria without PayPal. Quite frankly, I have been successfully doing so for almost ten years now.

So, how do you make payments for online transactions without using PayPal? What alternatives to PayPal are there?

The alternatives to PayPal are quite numerous. Some of them are as follows:

Use Wire Transfer

The ready-made alternative to PayPal is wire transfer. So, if you need to make payment for an online transaction, contact the individual or organisation and find out from them if they would accept a wire transfer for the payment. Many persons and organisations would usually accept this offer.

So, which bank is ideal for conducting a wire transfer to your international partners? The big banks in Nigeria like UBA, First Bank, Zenith, Guaranty Trust and others can effectively carry out a wire transfer for you.

Personally, I make use of Diamond Bank for my wire transfers. I have been using the bank since 2010 and I have not had any regret in operating with them.

Aside from being convenient, their service is very fast too. If you send a wire transfer, it does not take more than 24 hours at most for your wire transfer to get to its destination anywhere across the globe.

How do you get started with using a wire transfer? It is simple. You walk into any bank of your choice and request that you wish to open a domiciliary account.

Thereafter, they will tell you to provide your National ID card, Drivers' licence or international passport, your most recent utility bill (NEPA bill), two suitable references from holders of domiciliary account and a minimum deposit of money for the opening of the account.

There are different types of domiciliary accounts. For instance, there is Dollar account. There are also Pounds Sterling and Deutsch Mark accounts. If you open a Deutsch Mark account, it invariably means that you can pay in and receive only Deutsch Mark in the account.

However, I strongly recommend that you should open a dollar account - since most of your payments will be in dollars.

There is no general standard with respect to the minimum deposit for opening a dom account among all the banks. Diamond Bank, for instance, accepts a minimum deposit of $200. Other banks may accept less than that, but the majority accepts a minimum deposit of $200 and above.

Use Physical Credit Cards

The use of physical credit cards is another very important alternative to PayPal for making payments online. However, like I said previously, virtually all credit cards issued by Nigerian banks are not accepted for online transactions.

On the other hand, I read somewhere that the ATM of some banks work for online transactions, but I cannot verify the authenticity of the claim since I have not used any ATM for online transactions before.

However, you can apply for the internationally recognised credit cards of foreign companies like, or

While the credit card of is issued and delivered to your residential / shipping address free of charge, that of will cost you $49 (USD). I do not know about that of

You may be required to pay a fee to get the card. So, you may wish to conduct further investigation into which of the credit cards is most appropriate and affordable to you before you settle for a particular one for your business.

Use Virtual Credit Cards

Virtual Credit Cards is another immensely useful PayPal alternative. There is no doubt that virtual credit cards hold a lot of advantages, paramount of which is it does not require any money to produce - since it is not a physical card.

Additionally, there is minimum delay in the use of the card as you do not have to wait for a physical card to arrive before you can start to use it - as is the case with physical credit cards.

So many financial institutions issue Virtual Credit Cards online. Some Nigerian companies also issue virtual credit cards too. You will need to do a thorough investigation of the one that is internationally accepted and most reliable for your online transactions.

Use UBA AfriCard

The UBA AfriCard comes as a welcome relief to all serious Nigerians doing business online. It is Visa card and is not tied to any bank account and you do not need to have an account with the bank in order to qualify for the card.

If you are an internet marketer doing business online in Nigeria who is looking for a ready-made alternative to PayPal, then the UBA AfriCard is for you. In order to obtain the card, you simply walk into any branch of UBA and request to be issued the AfriCard.

All you need to get the card is your National ID card or driver's licence, your official ID card, your most recent utility bill and a minimum deposit of N2,000.

Use e-Currencies

Another equally important alternative to PayPal is e-currencies.

A number of e-currency systems use contactless payment transfer in order to facilitate easy payment and give the payee more confidence in not letting go of their electronic wallet during the transaction.

There are a lot of electronic currencies available for personal or business use on the Internet. And each of them competes with others on the concepts of loading the account and withdrawing from it.

Electronic Currency is simply the best form of doing business worldwide, with their instant payments over the Internet. Examples of e-currencies are: Alert Pay (now Payza), Perfect Money, WebMoney, Perfect Money, etc.

Make Payment Online Worry Free!

Let me ask you, is it not far better to make and receive payments without any fear that your account can just be limited without warning and for no justifiable reason whatsoever? Certainly!

Therefore, it is crystal clear from the foregoing that PayPal really need to watch it and relax their exclusion policy without further delay - if they do not want to experience a drastic fall in their customer patronage.

Already, residents of excluded countries are finding alternatives to PayPal. Additionally, many residents of non-excluded countries are uncomfortable with the fact that PayPal can just wake up and limit their accounts without warning. So, they are looking elsewhere for easy and convenient alternatives.

What about you? Are you considering using PayPal for making payments for online transactions? If you live in an excluded country, take my advice. Stay away from PayPal!

Believe me, PayPal wahala is a huge load of grief that can shorten any business man's life - especially if you live in an excluded country and are determined to operate their account.

Consequently, Examine the alternatives to PayPal as discussed in this article. Look for an affordable and convenient alternative to PayPal and make payments for online transactions in peace!

However, if you feel that you simply cannot do without PayPal and are determined to open, verify and fund a PayPal account through the window of PayPal tricks that are available to those who live in an excluded country, then click HERE.

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