How to Set Up a Bulk SMS Website

Here is how to set up a bulk sms website and make money online. This is one of the easy ways to make money working from home right here in Nigeria.

Setting up a bulk sms website is not difficult to do if you follow the under-listed simple steps.

Step One: Choose a Domain Name for Your Bulk SMS Business

The first step is to choose a name for your bulk sms business that is descriptive of the business.

Some suggested domain names are as follows:


Take note that before you can make use of any of the suggested domain names above, you will need to check for domain name availability first. If any of the domain names above is not available (that is, if it is already being used by someone else), you cannot use it.

Once you have confirmed the availability of a particular domain name and have chosen it for your new bulk sms business, you have completed step one. Time to go to step two.

Step Two: Register Your Domain Name

The next step is to register your preferred domain name for your bulk sms business.

In order to register your preferred domain name, go to any good Nigerian hosting website and chose a web hosting plan but ensure that the web host that you settle for has a 30-day money back guarantee and 24/7 tech support.

Since you do not need a very large amount of web space for your bulk sms business, it is advisable for you to choose the personal web hosting plan of 5gb disk space.

If everything goes well, your chosen domain name should be registered and online within 24hrs.

Step Three: Apply for a Bulk SMS Website

The third step of setting up a bulk sms business is to apply for a bulk sms website from

To do this, go to and register for free. Once you have registered with them, the next thing to do is to create a bulk sms reseller store.

Your bulk sms reseller store will cost you 1,000 sms (at N2.05 per sms, totalling N2,050). You will find details about creating your sms reseller store inside the user interface of the website.

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Follow the instructions for creating a bulk sms reseller store to a tee, customize your reseller store to your taste and set the prices for your bulk sms business. Once done, you are in business.

You can start promoting and marketing your bulk sms website offline to your cycle of friends and family members. You can also promote your bulk sms business on social networking sites, like Facebook and other online forums, like Nairaland.

Take note, however, that in order for your bulk sms website to have your custom domain name (e.g. which you registered, you will need to link your reseller store with your chosen domain name.

If all goes well, within 48 hours you will have registered and set up your bulk sms website and begin offering your bulk sms services to people for cool profit margins.

Generating Multiple Income Streams

In order to maximise revenue from your bulk sms business, it is advisable to teach other people how to set up a bulk sms business and make money from it. That is the whole point behind multiple streams of income which happen to be the secret of rapid growth and financial success on the internet.

So, how do you teach people how to set up a bulk sms business?

One way to teach other people about the bulk sms business is by conducting an online seminar about it - like I did with the Facebook event: How to Set Up a Bulk SMS Website and Make Money Teaching People How to Set Up a Bulk SMS Website.

Hence, by conducting a free Facebook event about how to set up a bulk sms website, I succeeded in creating awareness about the possibility of making money online through bulk sms.

I did not just stop there. I also offered my e-book, a detailed step-by-step informational guide titled "How to Set Up a Bulk SMS Website and Make Money from It!" to all those who showed an interest in setting up a bulk sms business and required more explicit and detailed information about it.

The e-book was offered to everyone who was interested in obtaining a personal copy at a moderate price of N5,000 at the event. I immediately got an order for 27 copies of the e-book after the event.

In case you are interested in obtaining your own personal copy of this wonderful step-by-step D-I-Y guide, please see the following web page: How to Create a Bulk SMS Website.

You Can Do the Same Too!

Yes, you can do the same too!

You can use the information contained in this write-up to set up your own bulk sms business all on your own.

Additionally, by painstakingly learning on the job, you can have the practical experience necessary to set up a bulk sms business all on your own.

Thereafter, you can use the valuable experience attained in the process to write your own e-book about the bulk sms business in Microsoft Word, convert it to PDF format and start selling it to other people too - in precisely the same way as I am doing and generating multiple streams of income from it.

However, if you feel that you do not possess the wherewithal and capability to write an e-book, you can send me a mail using the contact form to request for a joint venture to market my own e-book on the internet for an affiliate commission.

Quite frankly, you stand to make a commission of 40% on each e-book that you successfully sell to other people online.

What easier way to make money online can there be than that? You tell me - because I simply have no clue!

Nevertheless, creating a bulk sms business is not the only way to make money online. There are certainly other easy ways to make money that abound on the internet.

Some of them are disclosed below.

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