How to Work from Home Simplified!

In this article, l am going to share with you my personal experience of how l work from home.

Similarly, I will also provide you with some practical strategies and suggestions on how you too can effectively and efficiently work from home.

Have A Part Time Job

Work from Home?

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To be completely honest with you, starting a home based business will not automatically make you a millionaire within a few months or even a few years after launching it on the internet.

This is because every legitimate home based business require some time to become well entrenched and firmly established on the internet, like every other offline business.

Since your legitimate home based business is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, it will take some time before your home based business begin to gather steam and start taking care of itself all on its own.

In other words, before a home based business can start to make money online, it requires some time for it to gain recognition and become popular on the internet. Before that time, however, you will need to take of your personal expenses and those of your business too.

Therefore, in order to take care of your immediate bills and expenses, you need to have a part time job. On the other hand, if you already have a full time or part time job which keeps you occupied for most of the day and takes care of your expenses, good, very good.

And here is a little bit of business advice from a home business guru who knows his onions: Never, never, never quit your 9 to 5 desk job until you are absolutely certain that your home business has started paying off to the point of providing you with a safe landing to take care of all your needs.

For instance, I work full time on my home based businesses because l have an 8 to 4 job which is not too demanding. Though it has an attached take home pay which is not something to scream about, it gives me enough time to work on my home based business.

Since l have relatively complete control over my time, l work full time on my home business - throughout the day and even at night too.

So, if you do not have a desk job, l strongly suggest that you look for one as an immediate source of getting income to meet your needs and expenses until such a time that your home business can take over from it.

Be Business Minded and Highly Dedicated

It is very important to be business minded and dedicated to your home based business, in order for you to effectively work from home.

Being business minded simply means being focused on your goal and objective for your home business. Hence, you must not allow the fact that you work from home mislead you into thinking that you should rest more than work since it is not an office styled business.

You must, as a matter of utmost importance, realise that your home business is no less a business than an office styled business. It is a business like any other and you must treat it as such, if business success is your ultimate objective.

Consequently, you must show every sense of commitment and dedication to your home business. This must reflect positively on your work habits and attitude towards your business.

One way to do this is by having a fixed time at working on your home business. You may not necessarily have a 9 to 5 kind of fixed working hours. But, the time allocated for working on your home business daily must be fixed.

If you can manage 2 hours daily on your home business, endeavour to keep to that fixed schedule daily. If you work consistently for 2 hours daily on your home business without fail day-in day-out, you will be amazed at how much you would have achieved for your home business within a given period of time.

On the other hand, if you allocate 40 hours weekly to your home business, you must stick to the schedule and ensure that you meet it without fail - unless, of course, circumstances beyond your control interfere with your schedule.

A practical way to make working at your home business both interesting and fun is to stagger your working hours. For instance, if you have fixed working schedule of 6hrs daily, you can stagger the hours to cover the whole day. You may do 2hrs very early in the morning, 3hrs in the afternoon, and 3hrs late at night.

On the other hand, if it is a weekly schedule of 40hrs weekly, you could stagger the hours to cover 6 days and you take Sunday as your non-working rest day, or you may decide to do less work on that day than all the other days.

Be Reasonable

Let me repeat here for the sake of emphasis, your home business will not make you a millionaire within the first couple of years because it is not a Get-Rich-Quick (GRQ) scheme. Even Get-Rich-Quick schemes do not live up to the high expectation that is required of them.

Therefore, this calls for reasonableness on your part in your expectations for your home business. While it is good to set high goals and objectives for your business, it is usually best to set realistic goals which are realisable and attainable within a short term for your home business.

Using my own experience as a case in point, l had a firm understanding of the fact that l was not in the process of buying into some GRQ MLM online scheme when I was starting my own home based business a couple of years back.

I knew that l was about to create my own personal business from home. I also knew that the home based business would not make me a millionaire within just a few months or even a few years.

Rather, l knew that it would take some time before l start seeing positive results in terms of financial returns for all my hard work at the home business.

That reasonableness has helped me over the years to keep my home based business going even through tough times. Additionally, the passion l had for my niche (True Love Relationship) was very strong. So, l had no problem sustaining the home business even through tough times.

Consequently, you need to understand that your home business that is conducted online is just like every offline business that has a physical location in the "real world". Hence, your home business need time to grow and develop to maturity - just like offline businesses.

It is after some years of conscientiously and consistently working hard on your online business that you will begin to see some positive results for all your hard work. That time could be a year, two years, five years, or even as much as ten years.

Have the Winning Mentality

It is often said that winners never quit, and quitters never win. That statement is true indeed - especially when applied to home based businesses.

Without having the winning mentality, you will find it very difficult to effectively work from home. You may start your home business with a high drive and motivation, but as the months and years go by and there is nothing tangible to show for your efforts, you will likely grow tired of the business.

Therefore, in order to be successful in working from home, you must have the winning mentality and right attitude that it will take a while before you will begin to reap the reward of your hard work.

A combination of the business man's mindset of a long-term commitment and dedication to your business, as well as being reasonable in your expectations for your home business will take you far with your home business.

However, having the winning mentality and the right attitude will continue to fuel the drive for your home business towards ultimate profitability and business success in the long run.

Be Prepared to Learn

Similarly, you must be prepared to learn on the job. Indeed, you do not have to be tech-savvy to start an online business. However, you need to be learning-savvy in order to succeed at your home business.

For instance, when l set up my first website - - l only had a vague knowledge of HTML codes and absolutely no idea of how to prepare web pages, much less how to upload them and publish them on my website.

However, l was prepared, willing and eager to learn. And learn l did. And within a few months, l became very good at working on web pages and uploading them to my site.

That also opened up another completely new area of making money from my home based business for me. Based on the things l have learnt within the last couple of years, l now offer my home business building services to my website visitors.

Diversify Your Working Tools

My working tools for my home based business consist of a laptop and a Nokia E5 mobile phone. Since I cannot work with my laptop all the time, l do a lot of writing with my mobile phone.

Basically, here is how l work during any work session. Take this article, for instance. When l began the article, l opened the Notes application on the Menu of my phone and simply started to pound away on the keys.

Once completed, I then transfer the note to my laptop through bluetooth and put finishing touches to the article and subsequently upload it to my site.

One great benefit of using my phone to work on my home business is that l am better able to coordinate my thoughts and put them down rather than when using my laptop.

Thereafter, I use my laptop simply to "tidy" the articles in the Microsoft FrontPage application, insert the necessary HTML codes and upload them to my site.

Therefore, having a computer is very important for you to successfully work from home. However, if you cannot afford a computer, then you can visit a cyber cafe every time you want to work on your home based business.

It is strongly recommended therefore that you get a good mobile phone that you can use to type your articles on your own without having to spend money getting someone to do it for you.

Above All Else

Above all else, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Put differently, "what will it profit a webmaster to gain the whole traffic at the risk of his health?" (Seun Osewa, owner and publisher of

Therefore, above all else, you must endeavour to take a break and rest frequently from working on your home based business to allow your body recover from the long hours of sitting down to work with the computer.

In Summary

This article has explained in explicit detail how to work from home. I have also narrated how I personally work from home.

In summary, therefore, in order to effectively and efficiently work from home, you need a full time or part time job to take care of immediate expenses on the interim until your home based has become well entrenched and sufficiently lucrative enough to take over.

Additionally, since your home based business is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme, it will take a while before it will start to make you any money online.

Therefore, this calls for reasonableness in your expectations for your home business.

Finally, you must be business minded and highly dedicated, have the winning mentality, diversify your working tools and be prepared to learn new things on the job - in order to effectively and efficiently work from home.

Above all else, you must find time to rest because "there is nothing better than for a man to rest, rejoice and see good for all his hard work that he works hard under the sun." - The Holy Scriptures.

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