Instruments for Conducting Sales Online

When you conduct your business online, you will need various instruments for conducting sales online. You will also need instruments for getting paid online too - in order to make the sales process complete.

Both the instruments for conducting sales and getting paid online are all that you need for collecting monies from your website visitors. Thereafter, you will need to use the services of e-currency exchangers to transfer the money to your local bank account where you are resident or domiciled.

Therefore, once you have successfully registered and hosted your website domain with the cheapest and most reliable reseller web host on the net, you should seriously consider setting up a payment collection system on your website without delay - preferably within the first three months of setting up your website.

To this end, the basic tools for conducting sales online across the globe are as follows:

Sales Page

The first of the tools for conducting sales online is a sales page. A sales page is needed to give a detailed description of the products and / or services that you deal in. This is the starting point of the sales process.

Nevertheless, in order to know how to achieve a higher conversion rate of the sales page, successful marketers often use two versions of the same page to test the impact of each sales page on actual customer patronage or sales - to see which method is most effective.

This is called split testing. To easily create a split test, you can create a free account at Google analytics which allows you to create variables within your page.

Different versions are alternated when prospects view them on the web. Clicks and sales are tracked on each version. By trial and error, you can learn what is most effective for your audience. Thus, the sales copy or page is an important tool for conducting sales online from your website.

The Order Form

The order form is a form which is provided on the sales page for intending customers to send in their orders. Usually, this form is hosted on a website's shopping cart. Undoubtedly, the order form is another crucially important tool for carrying out online sales.

After reading a detailed description and analysis of a product or service on the sales page, customers should be given a means of sending in their orders for the products and / or services that are advertised on the sales page. This is made possible through the use of the order form.

Additionally, accompanying the order form is the order button. The order button once depressed initialises the start of the purchase and payment collection process. Hence, the order button is an indispensable tool that is provided with the order form for people to use for placing their orders from a website online.

Most shopping carts and payment processors allow you the opportunity of creating order forms in their user interface.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart can be defined as a tool for taking record of customer's orders and other information of your customers and subsequently passing it on to the payment processor of your website. It is another important tool for conducting sales online which forms a fundamental part of the sales process.

Payment Processor

A payment processor is an electronic software which is designed to process customers' payments on a website.

The payment processor is a vital link between the shopping cart and checkout. Due to this important function of the payment processor, it is an indispensable tool in the sales process.

Additionally, customers can settle their orders through various instruments for collecting monies that are available online. Some of these instruments for collecting money online are PayPal, Payza and credit cards.


PayPal is a popular method for making and receiving payments online across the globe. Many people accept money on their websites through PayPal.

If you integrate PayPal shopping cart into your order page, the payment processor charges the customer's credit card and transfers the money to your PayPal account.

Additionally, customers can easily pay directly from their verified PayPal Accounts, if they have one.

Once the customer has ordered the product, their information is passed on through the shopping cart to the payment processor. The shopping cart, in this case PayPal, then charges a percentage fee for each transaction. PayPal integrates a payment processor in its shopping cart.


An AutoResponder is a special e-mail program that automatically sends an e-mail to everyone who has purchased your product, subscribe to a list, etc on a periodic basis.

When customers buy your product, they should automatically receive a message with a download link and / or instructions on how to obtain the products or be included in the services being rendered.

Additionally, there is also need to pre-schedule follow up messages with additional information, special offers, etc. All these are made possible through the use of the AutoResponder.

Additionally, you can use the broadcast feature of the AutoResponder to send newsletters to your customers.

There is no doubt therefore that the AutoResponder is an important tool of the sales process, as it ensures that customers have access to your products 24/7, 365-6 days of the year.

Use of Credit Cards

While PayPal is a ready-made solution for making and receiving payments online, it is not everyone that can readily have a PayPal Account due to its limitations and the exclusion of some countries from the program.

Consequently, payment instruments known as credit cards are available for use by everyone wishing to easily make and receive payments online. The most popular credit cards in use today are the MasterCard and the Visa Card.

The use of credit cards for online transactions has become an indispensable tool for getting paid online across the world.

Additionally, there are other alternative payment collection institutions to PayPal like 2CheckOut and Payza, amongst others.

For a detailed discussion of all the tools for getting paid online, please see the web page: Instruments for Getting Paid Online.

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