Is Mini Importation Business Real?

Here is Further Proof That the Mini Importation
Business is 100% Legitimate and Genuine!

Is mini importation business real? How can you be sure that it is not another scam very cleverly designed to rip off unsuspecting people of their hard-earned money?

Can I really be certain that the mini importation business is 100% legitimate and genuine?

If any of the above questions have been going through your mind lately, let me reassure you that the mini importation business is 100% legitimate and genuine. While it is true that 99% of all home business opportunities on the internet are outright scam, believe me, the mini importation business is not one of them.

That notwithstanding, do not just rush off to transact business with any Tom, Dick and Harry out there claiming to be engaged in the mini importation business. You still need to be careful and discerning - because there are lots of fake mini importation portals whose only business on the net is to defraud unsuspecting victims of their money.

It is a course of wisdom therefore to be a doubting thomas where making money online is concerned. But if you are the happy-go-lucky type who throws caution to the wind online and subscribe to ANY money making scheme that come your way - including fake mini importation proponents - be sure to get burnt sooner than later.

Here Is Proof!

I can testify to the genuineness and legitimacy of the mini importation business because I have personally put the business to the test. Therefore, I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending it to everyone as one of the hottest home business idea for 2013 and beyond.

Some of the products I have imported online are a battery for my Dell laptop, a laptop bag, and a multimedia earphone with microphone for the same Dell laptop. All of them were delivered to my shipping address free of any shipping costs.

For more info about this, please see the following web page: Mini Import Business In Nigeria - My Own Personal Experience.

Additionally, there are countless testimonies from other people who are engaged in the mini importation business.

Apart from my own personal experience, some of those who have purchased the award-winning e-book on how to start mini importation business in Nigeria have equally testified to the genuineness of the mini importation business.

Some of those who have benefitted immensely from the mini importation business are Lazarus Orozino, Ojogbon Austine Abimbola Omosebi, Zak Jibreel, Israel Odudu, Adedokun Adedapo Adesola, Tare Martins, Abolaji Wallet - most of whom are presently resident in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Testimony by Patrick Ogidi

To be completely honest with you, I first learnt of the mini importation business from Patrick Ogidi of through one of his frequent newsletters to his subscribers. Similarly, his frequent campaigns about the mini importation business aroused my interest - thereby making me to investigate the matter further.

Here is his sterling testimonial about one of his personal experiences about the mini importation business.

“Sometime back, I wanted to order a bunch of these (picture displayed on the right):

mini importers bible Do you know what this is? It's a Bracelet Style Lady's Crystal Quartz Watch.

And the reason I wanted to import this was not just because of the insanely cheap price, but it's something that can easily sell off fast. I earlier got one for my lady and ever since then, her colleagues in the office have been all over her.

My import cost was just $3.85 a unit ... (Approximately N600)

Now, before I ordered for this, I spoke with a shop owner and showed her a sample of this very wrist watch, and she easily agreed to pay N2,200 for each... and went for 200 pieces of the wrist watch. (Good Strategy!)

My cost was N120,000 (N600 x 200)

But before that freaks you out - you think you don't have N120,000, hear this:

I convinced her to pay only N1,500 per unit, instead of the N2,200 she agreed on earlier.. That was simply to sweeten the deal and make it utterly irresistible for her, but on one condition... And the condition is: that she will pay half of the total cost of what she's supposed to pay in advance.

We agreed on getting her 200 pieces of this item...

So, total cost was N1,500 x 200 = N300,000

She paid me N150,000... initially!

I imported the 200 items at N120,000 (N600 x 200) and delivered to her in 2 weeks time. After another 5 days, he paid me the balance of N150,000.

The Result?

N180,000 pure Profit – N30,000 from the first payment + N150,000 final payment!

Without even using my money... OPM - Other Peoples' Money!”

Simply ingenious! Using other peoples’ money to, not only, do business, but also sell the products to them at over 100% profit.

Testimony by Nnamdi and Others

In another testimony, one Lagos based student by name Nnamdi Uzochukwu who recently ordered and purchased an android phone from the online store for N12,700 had his neighbours struggling to buy the android off him for N35,000, but he refused!

How stupid can anyone be! You tell me! Perhaps he felt that if he sold the android and made a profit of N22,300, he won’t be able to get another order from the company again. How naïve he must truly be!

Here is a screenshot of the brand new Android phone which Nnamdi bought recently for just $79.50. The screenshot of the Android phone’s screen is shown alongside it.

mini importers bible mini importers bible
Pix of Android phone bought by Nnamdi at one of the online stores displayed above

Here is another testimonial from a Port-Harcourt based Housewife, by name Mrs. Temidayo Adisa.

She ordered an Android phone (spec: Free Shipping by Singapore post! 7 inch infotmix IMAPx210 Android 2.3 Tablet PC 4G 1GHZ replace 7 inch via 8650) for just $56 (about N8,960) from the internet. One week after ordering the product, it was delivered to her 100% free of shipping costs at her residential address.

But, would you be surprised if I told you that she sold the product directly the next day at over 300% profit of its original price? Yep! That is precisely what happened. Mrs. Adisa resold the Android phone for N40,000 to her colleague in the office, thereby making a whooping profit of over N30,000 in just one single sale. Wonderful!

The next testimonial is from Mr. Kingsley Ovuoh, from Asaba, Delta State. He ordered some removable storage devices and computer consumables from one of the online stores and received the consignment exactly as ordered in precisely 10 days. Overwhelmed with joy, he reflected on the potentials from the sale of the products as he wrote:

“The most amazing part is that I would make more than twice the amount I used to buy the goods when I eventually sell them.”

Realising the immense potentials in the mini importation business, many Nigerian companies like,, Slot and others at Alaba and Computer Village in Lagos State are already making a huge killing from this business and would do all they can to keep their mini importation business secret a constant secret.

Indeed, there is no doubt about it whatsoever. The evidence speaks volume. The mini importation business is real!

Do Not Be a Doubting Thomas!

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to start your brand new home based business today without delay. Or, are you a doubting Thomas? Even the doubting Thomas had no choice but to believe that the master had risen the third day!

You may complain about not having money to start your mini importation business. If so, you may simply adopt Patrick Ogidi's system of OPM (Other People's Money) to raise the much needed capital for your mini importation business.

On the other hand, with as little as N10,000, you can start your own mini importation business immediately and gradually grow your capital with time. You do not even need to rent a store to successfully run this top paying home business. You just do it at the comfort of your home.

Additionally, through word of mouth advertising from neighbour to neighbour, colleague to colleague, family member to family member, friend to friend, the whole neighbourhood where you live will get to know that you deal in quality products at rock bottom prices cheaper than those in the open market.

And before you know it, the word will quickly go viral and you will start getting more orders than you can cater for – right from the comfort of your own home!

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