Hot Job Vacancies in Nigeria for Fresh Graduates

Looking for hot job vacancies and employment opportunities in Nigeria for fresh graduates? If so, today is your lucky day!

Let me introduce you to the best and hottest investment opportunity in Nigeria right now. Believe me. By the time you finish reading this page, you will never search for that government white collar job or employment in the private sector ever again!!!

In a few minutes, you would have discovered the perfect online business to start with just N10,000 or even less, with no office, no paid employees, no equipment, no generator, and running costs almost ZERO.

BUT with returns on investment (ROI) of over two hundred thousand (N200,000) every month!

What business is that?

Is it pure water business?


Is it snail rearing business?


Is it fish farming business?


Is it recharge card business?


Then, what business is it?

It is the online mini importation business!

"Online mini importation business - what kind of business is that?"

Well, the online mini importation business involves the importation of products from online importation portals located in the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK) and Asian countries.

How Does It Work?

So, how does the online mini importation business work?

It is simple. There are various online importation portals or what some would refer to as "online stores" that are available on the internet. These online importation portals showcase various products that are being sold by different sellers.

What happens is that sellers who are interested in doing business on those online shopping portals register with them and create their online stores on the portals and start to display their products on those "stores" on the websites like a trade fair, with their own unique store number and all.

In other words, the operators of those online shopping portals are quite different from the sellers on those websites. All they do is provide the environment for the sellers to showcase their wares.

Thereafter, intending buyers of those products visit the online stores and order various products of their choice and make payment with their credit cards. The seller ships the products to the shipping address provided on the order form by the buyer when placing the order.

The buyer's money paid for the ordered products is kept in trust with the owners of the websites until the goods are delivered and the buyer confirms that he has received the ordered products in good condition and according to the specification made on the online store of the seller.

Everything is done on the internet - from placing your order for the products you wish to order to shipping them to your local country and tracking them until you receive them at your shipping address right here in Nigeria, Ghana or any other country across the globe.

How to Get Started

Now, assuming that you have the sum of N50,000 as capital for the business.

You do not need to rent an office or employ any paid staff or buy equipment, office furniture and generator. Only the cost of those men, office space and materials alone would take over three hundred thousand naira to put in place.

But, with the online mini importation business, your N50,000 capital remain intact and you can start the business as early as today!

However, the only thing you need is a bank account with an ATM card and internet-connected computer and you are in business. With N70,000 you would have gotten a brand new laptop and internet connection from the popular network providers like Etisalat, Airtel, MTN and the rest of them.

But, if you do not have money to get a laptop immediately, you can use the services of a cyber cafe. The only time you need to visit the internet is to order your mini importation products and track your orders, which should not take more than ONE week to reach you.

So, with just N50,000 or even as low as N10,000, you can start an online importation business as early as TODAY!!!

Is that not awesome?

Of course, it is!!!

That is why I refer to the online mini importation business as "the perfect online business for everybody"! In other words, it is a business that you can operate conveniently from the comfort of your home from any part of the globe without having a website to do so.

So, STOP SEARCHING for jobs that are just not there!!! Start an online mini importation business today!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

So, what products can you import into the country?

How long does it take for you to receive your imported products at your home or office address?

How do you start an online mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana or part of Africa?

Do you need import license or connection to get started?

Do you need millions of Naira or Cedi to start your online mini importation business?

What about the cost of shipping your products?

Do you need an office space or paid employees?

What about generator, fuel and other cost of repairs and maintenance?

And running costs of the business?

As a matter of fact, what are the requirements for starting an online mini importation business in Nigeria or Ghana?

All these and much more are discussed comprehensively and explicitly in the website the ONLY Importers Heaven on the internet!!!

So, would you love to start the online mini importation business - buy, sell, and even import the latest Nokia, Samsung, Tecno, infinix, blackberries, androids, smart phones for internet browsing, as well as brand new or fairly-used top quality iPad, laptops, electronics, shoes, clothes, bags, jewelries and many more at the cheapest prices possible from Jumia, Konga, Olx, Jiji, Kaymu, eBay, Amazon, USA, United Kingdom, China, Singapore and other Asian countries?

If you would like to know more about the online mini importation business and how to get started, Click HERE to LEARN How to Get Started Without Delay!!!

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