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Make money blogging is a popular subject across the globe nowadays with an average daily search of over 800,000. No doubt, long gone are the days when people blog as a hobby or pastime or simply to kill time and boredom. People everywhere now do blogging to earn money online.

Linda Ikejis New SUV

So, do you want to make money online blogging from home right here in Nigeria, Ghana or anywhere else in the world? I believe that is why you are here. If so, then pay rapt attention as I reveal how Linda Ikeji makes her money and how you too can make money from home!

Below are some of the ways that Linda Ikeji earns millions of naira on the internet every single month:

1. Custom Adverts

Top on the list of the various ways Linda Ikeji makes money blogging is direct custom ads from her clients, be they individuals, corporate organisations or ad agencies. According to the last available advert rates, to place an ad on any of her blogs cost N500,000 per month.

Another major income earner for Linda Ikeji is headline banners. She charges N1 million per month for a 728 by 90 banner ad. You will see the ad at the top of the site where you have “Welcome To Linda Ikeji’s Blog” placeholder when you visit the site. We are privy to information that Linda has collected N12 million at one time for ad placement on the desktop version of the site all year round non-stop. Additionally, she has also collected a minimum of N18 million for sharing of this same space from her clients.

Similarly, she also collects N950, 000 monthly for leader board (header), N600,000 for sidebar ads (top), N500,000 monthly for sidebar ads (all site wide), and N2,000,000 monthly for Page branding (background takeover). One source puts Linda Ikeji’s income from custom adverts at N5,000,000 every month.

2. Sponsored posts

how linda ikeji makes her moneyAnother way that Linda Ikeji makes her money on her blog is through sponsored posts. She reportedly charges N50,000 per sponsored post and it has been estimated that she does close to 10 of these sponsored posts in a day. Multiply that by the amount she charges per post and you get close to N500,000 as her daily potential earnings from this income source alone. That amounts to almost N15 million from doing sponsored posts alone on her blog.

3. Google Ads

Another HUGE income source for Linda Ikeji is Google Adsense. Google AdSense is a pay-per-click contextual ad-serving programme by Google for website and blog publishers.

how linda ikeji makes her moneyWe are privy to information which reveal that Linda Ikeji earns over $70,000 on a monthly basis from the Google AdSense programme. Multiply that by the going rate of the dollar to the naira and you get over N21 in revenue from Google on a monthly basis.

It is not difficult to understand why Linda would make that kind of money from Google AdSense.

Her blog, is the 13th most visited site in the country and 1,974th most visited site in the world. She certainly has traffic and the traffic to her blog is earning her easy money in the almighty dollars.

Frankly speaking, Linda Ikeji can surely go to sleep every night and wake up the next morning to check her AdSense account to see how many extra dollars have added to her account. This is a classical example of how to make money online while you sleep!!!

How Much Does Linda Ikeji Make Monthly?

One source puts the total income which Linda Ikeji makes blogging at 50 million naira monthly. If that is true, then it means that Linda is making at least N600,000,000 every year blogging online. And she makes all that sweet-smelling money from blogging on the internet alone.

Now, why won’t she ride in the 2011 model of Infiniti FX 35 - the premium package valued at 8 million naira with that kind of money? That is chicken change!!! And why won’t she buy a house in Banana Island valued at N500,000,000? Regarding the house, she had this to say:

how linda ikeji makes her money

According to a report in the media, Linda Ikeji is estimated to be making over N50,000,000 from the internet every single month of the year. Some say this figure is grossly exaggerated. But, exaggerated or not, one fact remains that Linda Ikeji is a multi-billionaire and the amazing thing is that she makes all that money from blogging. And it took her about 10 years to make all the money she has made from her various blogs.

Here is what Linda Ikeji, popularly known as "the mother of all bloggers", said on her blog regarding the reasons why she flaunts her expensive cars:

"I put this up for two reasons: 1. To show off of course... why else? Lol And 2, to encourage other ladies out there to keep working hard and keep believing in themselves. You don't need any aristo to give you anything... any woman with will and drive can give herself anything she wants!"

make money blogging in nigeria

"By this time two years ago, I didn't have much...but I never stopped believing in myself and I never stopped working hard. I can't even begin to count how many businesses I put my hands into before one paid off - Blogging!

I told myself that I will make it in this life one day as my own woman and on my own terms, that no man will ever take away my dignity...and I did it. So can you! Yes, you! You have the power! And with God on your side, you are unstoppable!"

I think that should serve as words of encouragement to every blogger just starting out or who has been in the business of blogging for several years without seeing any meaningful results for all the hard work. If Linda Ikeji make all these money online from her blogs, you too can make money blogging in Nigeria!

Linda Ikeji Is NOT Making ENOUGH Money!

There is no doubt that Linda Ikeji is making a lot of money from her blog. However, she could be making more money if she is exploiting all the avenues to make money online to the fullest.

One area where she is leaving a lot of money on the table is information marketing. Correct me if I am wrong please, but I have not seen anywhere that Linda Ikeji sells any book, ebook or any digital product for money on her blog. This to me constitutes an under-utilization of the money-making potentials of her blog.

Now, let me give you an example.

In 2008, I came across an article on information marketing.

In that article, I read the story of a young man known as Eben Pagan. According to the article, Eben Pagan makes about $20 million per year selling simple information on a subject that most people will laugh about.

make money blogging in nigeriaWhat is the subject about?

Eben Pagan built a $20 million per year business empire selling information products that teach men how to meet and date women.

Can you imagine that?

Someone makes millions of dollars from information on how to talk to a girl!

I know what you are thinking. Every man must know how to talk to or "toast" a girl! Is it not just to call the girl and say "Hi. My name is Kome. I like you. Can I be your friend?"

But, it is not as easy for many men as all that! When it comes to approaching girls and talking to them, millions of men across the world develop cold feet.

That is why people like Eben Pagan will continue to make millions of dollars from selling information on the subject!

Now, do you know how much $20 million is in naira or cedi?

At N390 to the dollar, that is a whooping N7,800,000,000 (Seven billion, eight hundred million naira). And at GHS4.22 to the dollar, that is a whooping GHS84,400,000 (Eighty-four million, four hundred thousand cedis).


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Now, If YOU had just N100,000,000 (one hundred million naira) or GHS10,000,000 (ten million Ghanaian cedis), would you not be able to do just about anything you wanted or dreamt of all your life? Most certainly you would!

This simple discovery was what helped me to take information marketing seriously. And you should too.

Now, here is another example.

Adetunji Gbolagade owner of NaijaWealthCoach made over N13,000,000 or GHS173,000 in just one year or 365 days from internet marketing. Over N6,000,000 (almost 50% of his total income for that year) came from information marketing.

In other words, he made over one million naira (GHS14,500) in a month! That is a whole lot of money to earn in just one month! How many workers earn that kind of money in Nigeria or even Ghana? Not many I assure you!

Anyway, that is neither here or there. Just like the world-famous hip-hop star, Rick Ross, said in one of his tracks, "I ain't even count the money no more. It ain't right if it ain't right. It don't even matter no more."

Yeah, what's the point of continuing to make more money when you are already extremely wealthy? For God's sake, the woman is already STINKINGLY rich. So, why bother about the areas that she is not making money when she is so making more money than she can finish spending in her lifetime? Obviously, no point!

You, on the other hand, may not be as fortunate as Linda Ikeji and you would need to tap into ALL the avenues of making money that are available on the internet. And one of the areas that you certainly need to give serious consideration is information marketing.

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