Paid by Google to Browse the Internet!

Google AdSense Program -
An Effective Reward System

Would you like to be paid by Google to browse the internet? I bet you would!

But, wait, I am assuming that you love browsing, right? Who doesn't? Did you ask?

Right! Who doesn't? But, you would be surprised at the number of people who is not moved by any online activity!

Well, let us ignore those people for a while and concentrate on you - the highly motivated and enthusiastic internet user.

google complex
Google Complex

So, what do you do when you browse the internet? Search for information? Play your favourite internet game? Interact and socialise with other internet users on social networks and community based forums?

But, what if l told you that someone gets paid every time that you engage in those activities that you love doing on the internet, would you believe it?

"Incredible! Here comes another scam!" Is that what is going through your mind right now? If it is, then you have a rethink coming!

As incredible as it may sound to you, it is true that Google actually pays someone when you browse the internet and kid around or do serious stuff online.

An Effective Reward System

So, how does this system work? How does someone get paid by Google for all those passionate things that you love to do on the internet?

The simple answer is that you do not get paid by Google for being a spectator or an end user of information on various websites that are on the internet. You actually get paid by Google only when you are a major player, an active participant, or an important facilitator of their advertisement services.

So, how does one become an important facilitator, an active participant, or a major player in order to get paid by Google?

Simple. Google pays people for doing those things that they love doing on the internet through an effective payment system called Google AdSense.

What is Google AdSense? Simply put, Google AdSense involves a revenue sharing system between Google and information publishers or website owners who place the third party adverts on their websites.

Therefore, in order to be a facilitator, participant or player, you must be an information publisher or a website owner.

How Google AdSense Works

If you look around this page - at the top, middle, bottom and right hand side - you will see some adverts by Google. These are third party adverts by advertisers who have registered with Google to have their adverts placed on Google and its partner sites.

This advertisement arrangement is what is known as the Google AdSense Program.

In this program, there are two agreements that are operational. The first one is between Google and the advertisers. The second one is between Google and website owners who are information publishers.

Here is how the Google AdSense Program works.

An advertiser goes to Google to arrange for the placing of his adverts on their website. His objective for doing this is to have the widest coverage as much as possible for his advert.

google check
A check by Google

But, Google - though it is the No. 1 search engine in the world, out of over a hundred million websites that are on the worldwide web - is just one website, So, if Google places those adverts on its website alone, the adverts will be seen by only those who uses Google.

On the other hand, if there is an arrangement whereby Google allows other website owners to place those same adverts on their websites, the advertisers stand a higher chance of having a wider coverage and exposure for their adverts on the internet.

That is the objective that the Google AdSense programme is meant to fulfil. Therefore, in order to fulfil this objective, Google allows as many website owners who are interested in joining the programme to do so.

They place the adverts using the Google AdSense codes on their web pages, thus increasing the visibility of those adverts on the worldwide web. And they get paid when someone clicks on the links in the adverts.

This is known as pay-per-click contextual advertising. This means that the advertiser will pay for the adverts only when someone clicks on them. He pays the cpc (cost per click) rate of the adverts multiplied by the number of clicks on the adverts.

Consequently, the pay-per-click contextual advertising system ensures that the advertiser achieves his desire of a global and wider exposure for his adverts.

The website owners too have an effective monetisation option and make some money from Google adverts placed on their websites every time someone clicks on the links in the adverts.

The browsing internet community also wins because the contextual adverts which are related to their search terms or keywords are now within easier reach through the millions of other websites who are featuring Google adverts on their sites.

Thus, everybody wins with Google AdSense.

What about Google? Does Google win too? Of course! They take the lion share of the adverts earnings. After all, it is Google that have both the "yam" and the "cutlass", as it is commonly said in local parlance - and it is whoever they decide to include in sharing the yam and whatever amount they decide to give that they give to all those who make up their advertising partner sites.

Frankly speaking, it is Google that determine the cpc rate for the adverts and it is they too that determine the amount to be paid by advertisers and how much to pay to information publishers. Since advertisers are kept happy with a wider coverage for their adverts, this means more money for Google because the advertisers are happy to pay more for their adverts.

I get paid too because I am registered with Google as an information publisher and I have a publisher ID which is used by Google's system to track all clicks on the third party adverts by visitors on this website. In other words, if you click on any of the Google adverts that are on this page and every other page on this website, my account with Google gets credited with some amount of money.

Try it now, in case you do not believe me. Click on all the adverts on this page and let us see what will happen!

You Can Benefit from Google AdSense Too!

So, where do you come in and how can you too benefit from the programme?

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AdSense has made commercial life for info-publishers a whole lot easier. You can build an entire business by producing great content about a subject... just because you love it.

It is the best way to monetise a purely informational theme-based content site. Matter of fact, it is the foundation for monetising an information site.

Many information publishers are reaping great dividends from Google AdSense. Some big-time website owners receive monthly cheques of over $5,000 (USD) from Google regularly. Hence, the Google AdSense Program is an effective way to develop first level monetisation option for your website.

Are you interested in receiving monthly cheques from Google too? If so, how can you benefit from the Google AdSense programme?

Simple. You need to begin by identifying that activity which you are most passionate about and loves doing almost all of the time. Once you have identified your passion or what you love doing the most, you turn your passion into the basis for your 1 best home based business idea.

How do you do that? You start a home based business centred on your passion. Once you have built your domain powered home business to a reasonable extent with at least 30 pages on the site, you can apply to Google to be included in the AdSense programme.

Since you are passionate about your choosing subject area for your home based business you can hope to write great articles and materials for your website that will attract visitors to it like ants are attracted to sweet-tasting sugar.

And sure enough, before long, you too would begin receiving your own personal cheques from Google for browsing the internet!

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